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Individual employment relationships

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Transformation, digitalisation, globalisation... While the pace of change quickens in the corporate world, attention is focused on a company’s human capital, already somewhat vulnerable from the magnitude of the changes in play. Regardless of the sector in which you operate or the size of your organisation, your relationship with your employees is more crucial than ever. Although this is primarily a matter of your liability (for health and safety especially, but also with regard to taking decisive action to combat inequality and discrimination), it is also in your best interests; your employees’ well-being is the best possible guarantee of their motivation and performance. How can you achieve the optimum balance between the interests and goals of your company and the needs and expectations of your employees? On the other hand, in an increasingly globalised market, how can you manage and capitalise on the essential requirement for a mobile workforce? The criticality of these issues and the complexity of the extensive legislation and regulations in this area mean that expert legal advice is required in order to answer these questions.

Our specialist employment and social welfare lawyers will take into account any changes to legislation and case-law, the provisions of collective-bargaining agreements or of any collective agreements in place within your company, to provide you with advice and assistance regarding the day-to-day management of your employees, from recruitment to setting up various procedures for terminating the employment contract.
Drawing upon their significant experience and their understanding of the issues you face, they can act for you in various matters: employment contracts (recruitment, drafting and amendment of employment contracts), disciplinary law, health and safety, accidents at work, occupational diseases, prevention of social risk, psychological harassment, discrimination and equal treatment, professional training, advice to corporate officers (status, remuneration, liability, golden parachutes, etc), dismissal of individuals for financial or personal reasons, settlements, voluntary or compulsory retirement, termination of contracts or application of collective-bargaining agreements. They also act in all matters relating to the status of employees posted abroad: drafting and implementing international posting policies, conclusion and management of contracts of employment abroad, social welfare (advice on the choice of appropriate social security cover and assistance with the completion of formalities), income optimisation for employees posted abroad and seconded from abroad, management of employee savings and employee shareholding schemes for employees posted abroad, introduction and legalisation of employees from abroad. Our teams’ unfettered access to the firm’s other areas of expertise, in law and taxation, and our ability to handle international cases are significant advantages for our effective collaboration.