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30 October 2020
Guide to the pub­lic pro­cure­ment rules in Scot­land
This Guide provides an over­view of the pub­lic pro­cure­ment rules in Scot­land.
27 October 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide on sexu­al har­ass­ment in the work­place
Are you look­ing for in­form­a­tion on sexu­al har­ass­ment in the work­place? This CMS Ex­pert Guide provides you with everything you need to know.
03 November 2020
CMS Con­struc­tion Con­fer­ence 2020
We are de­lighted to in­vite you to the 2020 CMS Con­struc­tion Con­fer­ence. 
29 October 2020
Busi­ness in­ter­rup­tion policy with phys­ic­al loss trig­ger did not cov­er COV­ID-19...
This was a claim for sum­mary judg­ment by Al­li­anz, in re­sponse to a claim by the Kens­ing­ton Crêper­ie, a café in West Lon­don. Al­li­anz were the in­surer of the café (TKC Lon­don Ltd v Al­li­anz In­sur­ance pl...
29 October 2020
CMS ad­vises on fun­drais­ings for three AIM-lis­ted life sci­ences com­pan­ies
In­ter­na­tion­al law firm CMS has ad­vised on three sep­ar­ate equity cap­it­al mar­ket (ECM) fun­drais­ings for AIM-lis­ted life sci­ences com­pan­ies.
07 October 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to the private place­ment of equity se­cur­it­ies
03 November 2020
Dis­putes 101: Reg­u­lat­ory Ac­tion and Pub­lic Law Claims
It is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly es­sen­tial for in-house law­yers and non-law­yers at all levels to have an un­der­stand­ing of the dis­putes pro­cess.  Our new Dis­putes 101 we­bin­ar series will cov­er fun­da­ment­al as­pects of the dis­putes pro­cess and aims to help im­prove
29 October 2020
EU Gen­er­al Court cla­ri­fies in­ter­pret­a­tion of “sat­is­fact­ory meth­od” in the...
In the re­cent case of Me­dac Gesell­schaft für klin­is­che Spezi­al­prä­par­ate mbH v European Com­mis­sion, the EU Gen­er­al Court has an­nulled a de­cision of the European Com­mis­sion in which it held that the ap­plic­ant’s med...
29 October 2020
The gap between the law and bioeth­ics – is it get­ting too big?
The gap between the law and bioeth­ics – is it get­ting too big? - CMS Di­git­al­bytes. Find out more.
21 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Dis­missals
The aim of this guide is to ex­plain ex­ist­ing sys­tems of com­pens­a­tion for fair and un­fair dis­missal in vari­ous jur­is­dic­tions in EU, LATAM and Asia
05 November 2020
Life Sci­ences Quarterly Up­date We­bin­ar
We are de­lighted to in­vite you to the launch of In View, our new Life Sci­ences quarterly up­date we­bin­ar where CMS ex­perts across the firm will dis­cuss key in­dustry top­ics im­pact­ing, in­nov­at­ing and dis­rupt­ing the life sci­ences sec­tor.
29 October 2020
SFO pub­lishes guid­ance on de­ferred pro­sec­u­tion agree­ments
In­tro­duc­tion On 23 Oc­to­ber 2020, the Ser­i­ous Fraud Of­fice (“SFO”) pub­lished in­tern­al guid­ance (the “Guid­ance”) on its ap­proach to de­ferred pro­sec­u­tion agree­ments (“DPAs”). Back­ground DPAs are court a...