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Belt and Road - the view from the Middle East and North Africa

Past event
09 February 2021, 11:00 - 12:00 UTC +02:00

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The MENA region is integral to the success of BRI. Approximately 60% of Chinese exports transit to the Middle East through the UAE and China has significantly increased its investment into the region in recent years. BRI has been a prominent feature of this investment, with railroads, ports, roads and smart cities just a few of the areas where activity has significantly grown.

How can BRI help shift MENA’s reliance from oil to more sustainable energy sources? How can local participants work with Chinese organisations to successfully complete projects? And will Chinese expertise help the region to maintain its lead on building truly connected cities?

Belt and Road: the view from Middle East and North Africa is a new report from CMS that is built on feedback from over 500 people around the world who are actively involved in BRI projects. In this webinar, we look forward to discussing:

  • the global view of BRI, the sentiment of Chinese organisations, and how these compare with the attitudes of those active in MENA
  • working with Chinese partners on large infrastructure projects in MENA
  • BRI-related opportunities for contractors and lenders in MENA
  • the risks for BRI projects in some key MENA markets and how to mitigate them
  • how Israel seeks to use BRI to expand its trade with Asia
  • 09 February