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Financial Institutions Lending lawyers

In utilising debt finance, financial institutions face regulatory and administrative constraints that can make it difficult to align the interests of lenders, borrowers and other interested parties. Our Financial Institutions Lending team acts for banks, alternative lenders, insurers, brokers, private equity houses, fund managers and pension funds to implement funding structures that fit in with their business goals.

We use our legal, commercial and technical know-how to structure and document complex debt finance transactions in these highly regulated markets, calling on the expertise of colleagues within the UK and the CMS international network in specialisms such as taxation and regulation.

Our lawyers advise on facilities agreements, security and guarantee documentation and intercreditor arrangements in the financial institutions area. They engage globally with our corporate funds, insurance, consumer credit, taxation, financial regulation, infrastructure, real estate and other teams which bring to bear their specific sector expertise in satisfying lenders’ requirements regarding underlying agreements, reports, legal opinions and further documentation.

As a consequence, our work on specialist transactions such as investor call bridge and subscription facilities, double leverage financings, co-investment facilities and funds at Lloyd’s’ transactions, in addition to more usual liquidity and acquisition financings, is well known in financial institutions lending markets in which we have grown solid, long-standing relationships with clients who consistently turn to us for advice.

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Picture of Michael Cavers
Michael Cavers
United Kingdom, London
Michael Cavers is a partner in the Financial Services and Products Group. Having joined CMS in 2002, he became a partner in 2012 and has extensive experience advising on a range of debt capital markets,...
Picture of Keith Ham
Keith Ham
United Kingdom, London
Keith Ham is a partner in the Banking & Finance Group. He has over 25 years of experience in banking and insolvency law and has worked in three jurisdictions. Keith currently specialises in property and...
Picture of Jason Harding
Jason Harding
United Kingdom, London
Jason Harding acts for a wide range of leading financial institutions and corporates in all areas of the debt capital markets, including Eurobonds, securitisations, high-yield bonds, project bonds, collateralised...
Picture of Rita Lowe
Rita Lowe
Co-Head of Finance
United Kingdom, London
Rita Lowe is the Co-Head of the Finance Team.Rita has a wide and varied practice which includes advising stakeholders (such as banks, private equity, funds and pension trustees) on general issues with...
Picture of Neil James
Neil James
United Kingdom, London
Neil James is a partner in the International Finance Practice, and leads the firm’s asset-based financing practice. Neil is a well-known practitioner in the asset-based financing sector, and has focused...
Picture of Ash Saluja
Ash Saluja
Head of Financial Services & Products
United Kingdom, London
Ash Saluja has over 20 years of experience advising clients on regulatory and commercial matters.Clients include banks, broker-dealers, funds, investment managers and advisers, exchanges, platforms and...
Picture of Kenneth Rose
Kenneth Rose
United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Kenny Rose is a partner in the Corporate group with over 25 years' experience as a corporate lawyer.He specialises in M&A and corporate finance projects. He has a particularly strong track record and...
Picture of Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks
United Kingdom, London
Jason Brooks is a partner in the Financial Services and Products group.  He advises leading investment and retail banks as well as other financial institutions and corporates on a wide range of derivatives...
Picture of Thomas Lockley
Thomas Lockley
United Kingdom, London
Thomas Lockley is a partner in CMS' Financial Services and Products team, specialising in derivatives, transactional (re)insurance and alternative risk and capital transfer.Thomas advises investment banks,...
Picture of Mike Munro
Mike Munro
United Kingdom, London
Mike Munro is a partner in our Financial Services and Products team, specialising in transactional (re)insurance and alternative risk transfer. He works with a diverse range of financial institution...