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equIP North

Helping start-ups in the North of England

CMS equIP North – helping start-ups grow

The North of England has a growing reputation as a centre of excellence for tech companies across a range of sector – health sciences, digital, medtech, fintech and others – with major digital hubs throughout the region. The birthplace of the first industrial revolution is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. The North’s vibrant tech community is becoming one of the most significant economic drivers in the region, across the wider UK and beyond. The latest Tech Nation Report estimates that 170,000 people are employed in 25,000 tech sector companies across the region, generating around £10bn.

Starting and growing a successful tech company takes a good idea, energy and determination. It also requires the right support. CMS’s equIP North is designed to provide precisely that assistance.

CMS wants to change the way early stage tech companies access legal support. We want to show you that world class legal advice that helps your company overcome its early stage challenges is not out of reach. We believe that having the right foundations in place are crucial to scale successfully, especially when investors are involved. That is why we established CMS equIP North.

Building on our national equIP partnering programme, equIP North aims to target and bring those award-winning benefits to tech start-ups in this dynamic region. equIP North members will benefit from:

  • A competitive set of standard equIP North rates
  • Heavily discounted legal fees
  • Fixed fee services, designed specifically for start-ups
  • Introductions to relevant industry players and key investor markets
  • Exclusive training and mentoring opportunities
  • An active international peer network.

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As a member of equIP North, you benefit from a dedicated local team that is excited about working with start-ups and sees the relationship as an investment in an idea that they believe in – as well as the resources, expertise and network of a much wider global team to work with you and help you take your business to the next level. Wherever that may be.

You can find more information about the programme in our equIP North brochure.

Apply here to join the equIP North programme.

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