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equIP Scotland

Helping start-ups in Scotland

CMS Scotland equIP - helping start-ups scale

Scotland is well known for its innovation and entrepreneurship so it is no surprise that we have such a vibrant start-up market. Starting and building, a successful business takes a good idea, energy and determination plus the right opportunities and the right people. Our equIP programme works with IP rich start-ups to support their growth.

The initial stages of launching a start-up can be challenging, and entrepreneurs will encounter a number of hurdles along the way, whether that be keeping your culture alive whilst needing to grow quickly, retaining and incentivising staff and recruiting with the increasing demand of millennials, or ensuring work/life balance and managing founder guilt. But perseverance can conjure the ultimate rewards and prove life-changing.

At CMS, we want to change the way that early stage companies access legal support. We don’t want top quality legal advice to be seen as out of reach, because we believe that having the right foundations are imperative to scale successfully, especially when investors are involved. That’s why we set up CMS equIP.

Our equIP members in Scotland will benefit from: 

  • A competitive set of standard equIP rates
  • Discounted fees
  • Fixed fee services, bespoke for start-ups
  • Introductions to relevant industry players and also key investor markets
  • Exclusive training and mentoring opportunities
  • An active international peer network

Covid-19 support for start-ups

This short recording from the CMS Scotland equIP team provides guidance on a wide range of areas start-ups need to consider.  View here>

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As a member of our Scotland equIP programme, you benefit from a dedicated local team that is excited about working with start-ups and sees the relationship as an investment into an idea that they believe in – as well as the resources, expertise and network of a much wider global team to work with you and help you take your business to the next level. Wherever that may be.

You can find more information about the programme in our Scotland  equIP brochure.

Apply now to join our Scotland equIP programme.

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