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#LeadHers – supporting female founders through equIP

All entrepreneurs face multiple challenges when starting up a new business. But research has shown that female entrepreneurs face additional challenges to male founders. The Rose Review found that women are less likely than men to pursue entrepreneurship at every stage of the start up journey and recent research by the British Business Bank in collaboration with Diversity VC and the BVCA showed that when they come to raise venture finance, a disproportionate percentage of money invested goes for all male founding teams.

We held the #LeadHers launch event in April 2019 where we heard from an impressive panel of speakers about the challenges female founders face, examine why investors seem to invest more readily in male-led businesses and consider what pro-active steps we can collectively take to encourage more diversity within the male dominated tech start up environment.

CMS equIP #LeadHers Mentoring Programme

To play our part in providing extra support for female founders and driving change in the start up ecosystem, we have set up the #LeadHers Mentoring Programme. Mentees are female founders of CMS equIP members and mentors are clients and contacts of CMS - male or female - who hold leadership positions in organisations operating in the growth ecosystem. You can find out more information about this in the CMS equIP #LeadHers Mentoring Programme brochure. If you have something to offer the Programme and are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us at [email protected].

You can also join the conversation about female entrepreneurs, follow updates about the #LeadHers campaign and other CMS start-ups initiatives via CMS equip on Twitter.

For further information on the #LeadHers campaign, please contact Sarah Wright or Katie Nagy de Nagybaczon.