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Advertising in a time of crisis


6 July 2020

As the world moves to ease lockdown measures, we begin to emerge, blinking, into a world that will have been forever altered by the events of 2020. We all hope we are past the worst from a personal perspective but also cannot help but consider the impact that lockdown and social distancing has had, and continues to have, on businesses large and small.

In this report, we investigate the key impacts of the current crisis on the advertising industry. We have considered from both ends of the spectrum –  the impact on brands and advertisers but also on publishers and media owners across various channels. We have focused not just on the negatives and the challenges but also the opportunities for growth during this new way of life as once the world returns closer to “normal”.

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Advertising in a time of crisis
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James Colvin
Ellis Schindler
Susannah Parry