To understand adtech, you need your lawyers to have market-leading understanding of both technology and advertising and we can offer this expertise. We live and breathe technology with a large team of technology lawyers in the top tier of the legal directories. We also have a highly respected advertising practice, advising brands, traditional and digital advertising agencies, networks and publishers. Beyond this, we have a taskforce of experts from across our technology and advertising practices that are fully immersed in the adtech market specifically. They understand the key issues impacting the sector and advise every day on innovative solutions.

Our top ranked, commercial, corporate disputes and IP lawyers advise a number of key players in the sector, across a number of different stages in the corporate lifecycle, from start-up through scale-up to truly global. We work across all verticals, whether technology platforms, digital agencies, brands or publishers/media owners. This broad experience means that we have a holistic perspective on the market – we understand the key issues impacting the sector from both buy-side and sell-side, allowing us to provide targeted, commercially relevant, practical advice in context.

We have a wealth of experience in all of the above areas. Recent experience includes:

  • drafting and negotiating a complex global media buying deal for a market-leading global brand with a particular focus on ensuring fit-for-purpose terms for the programmatic world;
  • advising a global consumer goods leader on a sophisticated services contract with a key provider of an adtech solution that underpins a new global consumer insight data management platform containing over 1 billion records;
  • advising a leading agency group on several strategic M&A transactions with a total value exceeding £500m;
  • advising companies across the sector, including publishers, agencies and brands on data compliance strategies both relating to the implementation of GDPR and also broader data challenges (whether relating to commercialising existing data through advanced monetisation strategies or considering technical challenges involved in applying the ePrivacy Directive and new PEC regulations to the adtech stack effectively); and
  • advising an adtech scale-up on managing and successfully resolving a business-critical dispute with a leading ad network.

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Our thought leadership website,, brings the adtech message to those who may not be technically-minded; those who work in the marketing sector but are not marketers; those who are now encountering the world of adtech for the first time; and those who are looking for a guiding light to help them through the jargon.

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6 July 2020
Ad­vert­ising in a time of crisis
In this re­port, we have in­vest­ig­ated the key im­pacts of the cur­rent crisis on the ad­vert­ising in­dustry. We have con­sidered from both ends of the spec­trum – both the im­pact on brands and ad­vert­isers but also on pub­lish­ers and me­dia own­ers across vari­ous ch