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Buzz Me In

November 2020

Welcome to the Media podcast series, 'Buzz Me In'.

CMS Buzz is the network for professionals in the media sector. In this podcast, co-heads of the Buzz network, Eliza Cohen and Laurel O’Dell, sit down with a variety of guests from across the industry to talk about what it is they do, how they do it and how they got to where they are today, focusing on key trends and challenges in their sectors.  

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Episode #4 - Su-Mei Thompson, CEO of Media Trust

In this episode, Eliza and Laurel are joined by Su-Mei Thompson, CEO of Media Trust, a London-based charity that works with the media industry to give charities, under-represented communities and young people a stronger voice. Su-Mei started her fascinating, multi-faceted career as a corporate finance associate at a major City firm. She then went on to run a number of successful media businesses before joining the third sector and blazing a trail as a highly-regarded equalities campaigner. Besides running Media Trust, Su-Mei is also a Commissioner at the EHRC and serves on a number of non-profit boards.

Episode #3 -  Phil Hughes, Global COO, Gleam Futures Group

In this episode, Eliza and Laurel are delighted to share a Q&A hosted by CMS Co-Head of Media Victoria Gaskell and Media Associate Susannah Parry on influencer marketing, featuring Phil Hughes, Global COO of Gleam Futures Group. In this latest instalment, which originally aired as part of CMS’ advertising and marketing webinar series, Phil gives an insider’s perspective on this exciting and fast-growing segment of the media industry, discussing the significance of influencer marketing, how and when influencers need to properly disclose an ad, and practical tips and tricks when working with influencers, among other topics. 

Episode #2 - Nina Goswami, senior producer and journalist and current Creative Diversity Lead at the BBC

In this episode, Eliza and Laurel are joined by Nina Goswami, senior producer and journalist and current Creative Diversity Lead at the BBC. 

Nina discusses her career trajectory, including how she came to be a journalist and standout moments from her career. The conversation focuses on the challenges of broadcast journalism today, how to appeal to young audiences and combat the spread of fake news, and, importantly, how the BBC is working to ensure diversity in the sector as a whole. 

Episode #1 – Sam Cooke, Esports Insider

In this episode, Eliza and Laurel are joined by Sam Cooke, Co-founder and Managing Director of Esports Insider, the leading and global B2B esports industry news platform, agency, events and media company.

They discuss Sam’s career path and the founding of Esports Insider. Sam provides insight into a day in the life at the company, the role of live events in esports, and the growth of the industry and how to generate audience appeal, including the overlap between sports and esports and how star players are shaking up the industry. Finally, no podcast would be complete without looking at the effects of Covid-19 on the sector, and Sam describes how esports and Esports Insider are weathering the storm.