A revolution on all fronts

There is a growing consensus that the next generation of real estate technology will bring unprecedented change to the industry, with the key trends predicted by industry commentators as follows:

  • As the new hybrid world dawns it is seen as increasingly important that access to the office (in particular) be as convenient and stress-free as possible.
  • Living and lifestyle are also now considered a fertile world for technology – but only in new developments.
  • COVID-19 has accelerated e-commerce across Europe, with e-commerce in the United Kingdom rocketing.
  • Big data is set to underpin the whole revolution.
  • Technology is also seen as key to facilitating greater sustainability, with sensors, data and the best measurement crucial to enhancing ESG credentials, particularly in the challenging arena of retrofitting.

However, it is also recognised that barriers remain to the widespread adoption of technology, with big data in particular eyed with suspicion by tenants and customers. Three in four of those we polled said they were wary of the Return on Investment on smart technology. 

Companies harvesting this data are viewed with distrust – with the Daily Telegraph among the first organisations to reconsider and then withdraw devices to monitor whether people are at their desk.

Our research across a range of fields, from the real estate industry, among office occupiers, renters and potential renters, retail experts and life sciences professionals, drew a striking response.

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Real Estate Rebound - A tech-accelerated recovery
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