Climate change taxation reforms and incentives in Croatia

1. Has your country ratified the Paris Agreement? 

Yes, May 24, 2017.

2. Has your country introduced environmental taxes?

2.1 Energy taxes

Yes: Gasoline, diesel, fuel oils, natural gas, coal, electricity and carbon dioxide (CO2).

2.2 Transport Taxes

Yes. Transport taxes are payable by motor vehicle owners. There is "one-off" tax on the import / sale of equipment and an annual road tax. This group includes taxes on other transportation equipment and services, such as charter or scheduled flights.

2.3 Pollution taxes

Yes. There are taxes on measured or estimated emissions to air and water, solid waste management and noise management.

2.4 Resources taxes

Yes. There is compensation for the depletion of natural resources: extraction or use of water, forests, wild flora and fauna.

3. Has your country introduced a carbon tax?


4. Does your country offer sustainability incentives (tax credits, subsidies or other business incentives) to encourage taxpayers to engage in behaviours and develop technologies that can impact positively the environment? 


5. Has your country recently announced tax reforms connected to climate change?


6. Other comments


Portrait of Tamara Jelić Kazić
Tamara Jelić Kazić