Care homes in Montenegro

1. Which laws apply to opening care homes?

Principal regulation: Law on Social Welfare and Child Protection. 

2. Is the care home operator required to have a presence in the local jurisdiction?

Yes, the care home operator needs to be registered in the Central Registry of Business Entities in Montenegro.

Yes, an operator of a care home must establish either a private social welfare institution, or a public social welfare institution.

4. How are the governing bodies of the care home regulated? 

Care homes are governed by a director and a management board. 

If a care home is established as a public social welfare institution, a director is appointed following a public call, based on a development programme they submit for a four-year term (with renewal options). They must fulfil certain academic and work experience requirements. 

5. Is a concession or approval by any regulatory authority required to open a care home?

The Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare grants licences for a period of six years. 

A licence to perform an activity is issued to a care home operator who:

  • is registered in the Central Registry of Business Entities in Montenegro;
  • meets the standards for the provision of the service for which the licence is requested, relating to location, space, equipment, number and type of professional staff, and service provision programmes.   

6. Is a care home restricted in the performance of activities on the local market?

A care home must perform its activities in line with the purpose for which it was established.

7. Are there any restrictions on how care homes may use their profits?

Pursuant to the Law on Social Welfare and Child Protection, a care home must use its funds in accordance with the purpose of its establishment.

8. Does the government provide any type of subsidy?

As per the Law on Social Security and Child Protection, depending on the socio-economic status of the user of the social welfare service, the fee may be paid entirely or partially by Montenegro. Criteria for participation of the user of the social welfare service are prescribed by the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare and when those fees are to be paid by the competent municipality, criteria for participation of the social welfare service user will be prescribed by the competent authority of a municipality. 

9. Is there a supervisory authority in relation to the activities of the care home?

Inspectorate for Social Welfare and Child Protection is the supervisory authority competent for care homes.

10. What is the number of inhabitants?

622,137 (source: World Bank)

11. What is the number of inhabitants older than 65 (in %)?

15% (source: World Bank)

12. What is the number of care homes?


13. Is there a waiting list?


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