CMS Expert Guide to travel restrictions for non-EU citizens

With the European Union planning to create vaccination passports, which would enable EU citizens embarking on business or tourist travel within the EU to prove their vaccination status, the question arises: will the EU recognise vaccination passports from other non-EU countries? Since CMS has received several requests for clarification on this issue, we have compiled the following overview addressing vaccination issues and entrance requirements for a number of European jurisdictions. As an example of the status of a non-EU country, we examined the ability of Ukrainian nationals to enter various European countries.

In short, this Expert Guide outlines the policies on entrance and travel restrictions applicable to individuals from abroad, specifically, from the Ukraine, wishing to enter for business-related reasons.

The central questions of the overview are:

  1. Will your jurisdiction allow non-EU citizens (particularly, Ukrainians) to enter your country using non-EU vaccination passports?
  2. If yes, what are the conditions for entrance?
  3. Will all vaccines be honoured?

The information provided includes: whether non-EU citizens are allowed entry into the country and the conditions for admission; the requirements for proving an individual has been vaccinated; the special requirements in place for individuals travelling from a COVID-19 high-risk areas; how restrictions and regulations specifically apply to visitors from Ukraine; and the admissibility of digital vaccination certificates.

The information included is accurate at the time of issuance. For up-to-date and further legal assistance, reach out to your usual CMS contact or send an email to