Portrait ofAukje Haan

Aukje Haan

Head ESG | Global Co-Head Commercial

CMS Derks Star Busmann
Atrium - Parnassusweg 737
1077 DG Amsterdam
PO Box 94700
1090 GS Amsterdam
Languages German, French, English, Dutch

Aukje Haan has been a qualified advocaat since 1990, and since then has been working for the Commercial section of CMS in Amsterdam. Aukje is chair of the CMS International Commercial Group.

Aukje's specialist area is commercial law, including drawing up various kinds of commercial contracts such as distribution and agency agreements, franchise agreements, manufacturing contracts, SLA's and cooperation agreements. Her field of work also extends to product liability. She also has an extensive (international) litigation practice in the above areas of the law and is also a certified mediator.

Aukje Haan is regularly invited to speak at seminars and inhouse legal trainings about commercial and corporate contracting.

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"Aukje Haan is a very pragmatic lawyer, solution oriented, permanent availability and with great willingness to offer the client the best possible approach to solve the matters in time."

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2023

"She does not waste time on “nice to knows” but quickly get a very good feeling of where the issue is and how best to tackle the challenges. She is a tough negotiator and clever in negotiation tactics."

The Legal 500 EMEA, 2023

Memberships & Roles

  • Chairman Supervisory Board member of Avedon Capital Partners
  • Commissaris of Funda
  • Supervisory Board member of Stichting Belangen Rechtsbijstandverzekerden DSB
  • Member of the board of Theater Kikker
  • Member of the board of New Board Program Alumnivereniging Nyenrode
  • Association Corporate Mediation
  • Groot Utrecht
  • Member of the board of Utrechts Archief
  • Supervisory Board member of Avedon Capital Partners
  • Member of the board of AAMU
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Awards & Rankings

  • The Legal 500 EMEA, 2023, Aukje Haan is Recommended
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  • New Board Program, Nyenrode Business University
  • Company and Commercial Law, Grotius Academy for Post-Graduate Law Studies
  • Dutch Law, Utrecht University
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