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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Legal & commercial implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Russia

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact on every aspect of our lives in Russia and in other countries. Declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation in March 2020, everyone’s primary concern is to minimise the spread of the virus, to mitigate its effects.

Businesses and organisations have a role to play and a responsibility to their own people. They also confront a wide range of practical, commercial and legal challenges associated with the spread of the virus. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Russia

CMS has created a Coronavirus Hub dedicated to the issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. This hub gives you full and permanent access to content created by CMS Russia lawyers and CMS offices around the world in response to the crisis. The hub is updated regularly.

We remain available at all times to address any requests or difficulties you may have on a one-to-one basis. By emailing [email protected] you can be in immediate contact with our experts.

As the situation and content continues to evolve within and outside Russia, please visit Law Now to sign up here for the latest real-time updates from our Law-Now service.


Latest updates

21.05.2020As of 21 May 2020:
– Russian citizens are able to get digital passes for working purposes only based on passports (not other IDs).
– Employers can obtain digital passes for employees using accounts on mos.ru. 
– Foreigners are able to obtain digital passes for working purposes only through their employers.  

As of 23 May 2020, the digital pass regime is cancelled in the Moscow Region. Digital passes issued there will be valid until 27 May. 

As of 27 May 2020, people coming to Moscow from the Moscow Region will have to obtain a Moscow digital pass.

In Moscow, people are required to wear masks and gloves in public transport, in shops and at work.

In the Moscow Region, wearing masks is obligatory in public places, including transport, shops, work, common areas of multi-flat residential buildings, etc. Wearing gloves in public places is recommended, but not compulsory in the Moscow Region.

18.05.2020Rospotrebnadzor has developed recommendations for various types of businesses due to COVID-19 outbreak, including beauty salons, shops, construction sites, etc. (link)

General recommendations for all organisations are provided in infographic and in text.

The Russian Supreme Court has suggested courts resume work on a full scale starting from 12 May, stating that persons diagnosed with COVID-19 and those who were in contact with such persons would not be admitted to court buildings.

Each court establishes its own regime of work, and information should be checked on the courts’ official websites. 

12.05.2020Factories and construction organisations in the Moscow Region are to file notifications and comply with new industrial standards of work due to COVID-19.

Non-working days are over. The Russian President did not prolong the non-working days regime after 12 May.

Based on the local epidemiological situation, heads of regions are empowered to  determine restrictions for the population (such as self-isolation regime),  determine special rules for the movement of people within a particular territory (such as digital passes) but not affecting cross-regional transportation and suspend the operations of particular types of organisations. 

Organisations, where operations are suspended due to decisions of regional authorities, must ensure salaries are paid to their employees.

General issues

14.04.2020Digital passes now required in Moscow and Moscow Region: who must obtain them and how
06.04.2020Prolongation of non-working days until 30 April 2020 due to COVID-19 outbreak: what are the practical legal implications for businesses?
06.04.2020COVID-19: Russia passes new laws on tightened liability, insolvency, rents, state purchases and medicines
01.04.2020Coronavirus (COVID-19) as force majeure
19.03.2020Russia strengthens measures to contain the spread of COVID-19
06.03.2020High alert in the Russian capital due to coronavirus

Banking and Finance

28.04.2020CMS Expert Guide to Coronavirus Related Loan Moratoriums


14.04.2020Impact of COVID-19 on Public Procurement
27.03.2020CMS Expert Guide to Competition Law During Coronavirus


12.05.2020CMS Expert Guide for Directors of Companies
09.04.2020Russia ponders the new corporate reality of 2020: is the future on- or offline?

Dispute Resolution

30.04.2020Russian Supreme Court’s COVID-19 case law review

Employment & Migration

20.04.2020Migration regime in Russia temporarily simplified
10.04.2020Russian employees can be granted leave during non-working days, says labour ministry
27.03.2020Employees in Russia to be mandatorily off work from 30 March to 3 April
20.03.2020Update on migration issues in Russia in relation to COVID-19

Intellectual Property

22.04.2020CMS Expert Guide to COVID-19's Impact on IP Legal Timings

Life Sciences & Healthcare

22.05.2020Russia approves rules for online sale of OTC drugs
30.03.2020Maximum prices of medicines and medical devices can be set by government during epidemics
23.03.2020Russia allows online sale of OTC drugs

Real Estate & Construction

31.03.2020CMS Expert Guide to COVID-19 Impact on Lease Agreements
25.03.2020COVID-19 and leases: implications for tenants and landlords


17.04.2020Russia amends tax legislation due to COVID-19 spread
07.04.2020Russia approaches Cyprus to amend double taxation treaty
02.04.2020COVID-19 in Russia: latest tax and customs developments
27.03.2020Russian President announces radical tax measures
25.03.2020Russia announces tax and customs measures to aid business during COVID-19 spread
22.03.2020CMS Expert Guide to COVID-19 Tax Relief Measures
COVID-19 response team

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