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Trade, Export & Commodity Finance

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At CMS we combine our sector expertise across fields such as energy and utilities, natural resources and agribusiness, with a wealth of experience in the full range of financing products offered to traders, exporters and producers.

We support a broad spectrum of participants in the commodities market – from the world’s largest traders to global investment and development banks, specialised funds and other financial institutions.

Whether you are doing an innovative, highly structured transaction, such as receivables-based financings, export and multilateral credits or commodity-based financings such as prepayment, borrowing base or reserve base facilities, we will be able to provide tailored advice across the globe and particularly in emerging markets.

We recognise that financial institutions require solutions tailored to their specific credit risk requirements, and we work closely with our specialised teams within CMS in providing detailed advice and legal due diligence to support proposed financings.

Unique among our competitors, our market-leading insurance lawyers work closely with our finance lawyers, to advise financial institutions in respect of the commercial, political and economic risk factors, and in the arrangement and negotiation of appropriate insurance products.

We are particularly experienced at guiding clients through the various forms of investment protection offered by insurance, contractual provisions and international law, for credit risk hedging purposes.

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