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Cleantech encompasses technology and services that address environment issues or lessen the impact of current products or services on the environment. The COP21 Climate Change Agreement in Paris in December 2015 marked a new chapter in tackling climate change, and as a result, we expect this hugely important sector to continue to grow rapidly.

Our Cleantech Group works with the industry, their investors and the customers or users of cleantech. We advise on UK and EU policies, economic and fiscal instruments, and the incentives that support the cleantech sector. Whilst cleantech is currently most notable in the clean energy sector,  we often advise on cleantech application in areas such as agriculture, alternative waste management, building efficiencies, consumer products (particularly electrical and electronic), emissions and other monitoring, abatement and control measures, flood adaptation, transport, water and waste water.

Our Cleantech Group applies legal expertise in all relevant areas, such as commercial, competition, construction, consumer products, corporate, energy, environment, finance, IP, planning, procurement, real estate, tax, technology, telecoms, transport, waste and water.

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