5G regulation and law in Peru

Information current as of 8 January 2020

What is the state of 5G deployment in Peru?

Currently 5G technology is not available in Peru. Notwithstanding, the Ministry of Transport and Communication enacted a Regulation last year in order to rearrange the frequencies, as well as to establish a cap on them. Both initiatives are preparatory measures for the future implementation of 5G technology.

Which telcos and communications players are launching 5G services?

None of them are launching 5G services yet.

Are there any public tenders for spectrum licences?


Has there been any comment on when there might be?

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is planning to launch the first tender for the frequency band 3.5 GHz in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

What has the government said regarding spectrum licences for commercial use?

Through the Regulation mentioned above, caps on the frequency 3.5 GHz have already been established in order to allow the concurrence of different competitors, thereby promoting competition.

Are the rules for 5G already drafted, and if so, what do they say?

Currently, no rules have been set and the government has not announced what the nature of these rules would be.

What are or would be the rules for granting competitors access to the new 5G networks, once they are deployed?

As above, no rules have been set and the government has not made any announcements as to the nature of any future rules.

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Ramon Huapaya