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The CMS team acts for claimants and defendants in all competition-related private enforcement matters. Our extensive experience across many cases gives clients confidence in achieving a satisfactory outcome in follow-on actions and other competition-related civil proceedings.  Members of the CMS team have been at the forefront of successfully defending clients in the first cartel damages claims in Europe and are among the leading experts in this field. Wherever necessary we team up with our specialists from the CMS Dispute resolution group.   

CMS State Aid Group

Key Contacts

Portrait ofEdmon Oude Elferink
Edmon Oude Elferink
Portrait ofTim Reher
Dr. Tim Reher, M.Jur. (Oxford)
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Brian Sher
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Dr. Rolf Hempel
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CMS Class Actions video series
Data-driven insights into class action risk across Europe
EU Commission enforces obligation to provide correct and complete information...
EU merger control law provides for an obligation of the parties to provide correct and complete information in merger control proceedings. This obligation has a very high relevance for the European Commission...
EU Competition Law Briefings 2024
The EU Competition Law Briefings have been created to provide a platform for our clients and other competition law experts to stay up to date on the developments of EU Competition Law. Every month CMS competition experts will present a recent case by the EU Commission or Community Courts during a webinar.
After EU Commission's first decision on Carbon Contracts for Difference,...
The European Commission approved the first Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfD) scheme under the new Guidelines on State aid for climate, environmental protection and energy 2022 (CEEAG).Fol­low­ing the...
Practical guidance on how to assess the existence of aid for risk financing...
On 26 January 2024, the Commission adopted practical guidance for Member States on assessing the existence of State aid for measures aimed at facilitating access to financing for certain busi­nesses.Risk...
Belgian Competition Authority publishes study on consumer goods price trends...
Since 2013, the Belgian Competition Authority (the "BCA") has been mandated with additional jurisdiction over competition and price trends.Book V of the Code of Economic Law provides for a system in which:the...
European Commission authorises EUR 550 million Italian hydrogen aid scheme
On 30 January 2024, the European Commission authorised an Italian hydrogen aid scheme with a budget of EUR 550 million under the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework.The Green Deal industrial planThe...
Implementation of Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework in Slovakia:...
The European Commission adopted the Temporary Crisis Framework and then the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework (TCTF) to mitigate the economic consequences caused by Russia's invasion and ongoing...
Financial Services Webinars On Demand
Use the below link to view recordings of CMS financial services we­binars avail­able on de­mand. We­binars are a convenient way to stay informed and hear from our legal ex­perts. me­di­um 
CMS Expert Guide for State Aid
State aid is a highly technical area of EU law and has generated a wide range of evolving case law. Compliance with State aid rules is therefore an issue in any public intervention that involves State...
State aid: The European Commission approves an Italian aid scheme for the...
On 15 January 2024, the European Commission approved a EUR 120 mil­lion Italian aid scheme for all airlines establishing new connections between one of the three airports in Calabria, namely Tito Minniti...
Belgian Competition Authority sanctions Le Creuset for resale price maintenance
On 13 December 2023, the Belgian Competition Authority imposed a fine of EUR 490,112 to the cookware retailer Le Creuset Benelux for imposing resale prices on its distributors.The Belgian Competition...