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CMS advises Capcellence Mittelstandspartner on acquisition of stake in Argo-Hytos Group


Stuttgart – SME holding company Capcellence has taken a 49% stake in the international Argo-Hytos Group as part of a capital increase. The transaction was conducted via an investment vehicle formed especially for this purpose. The founder family, Kienzle, retains a 51% shareholding in the Switzerland-based Argo-Hytos Group. The transaction has already been completed.

Capcellence's investment in the Argo-Hytos Group is chiefly aimed at continuing and accelerating the above-average international growth of the Argo-Hytos Group and strengthening its capital base. The equity required for acquiring the stake was provided in full by Capcellence Holding.

Since the Argo-Hytos Group is headquartered in Switzerland, teams from Germany and Switzerland led by private equity experts Dr Tobias Schneider (Germany) and Dr Stephan Werlen (Switzerland) worked together particularly closely on the matter. A number of other CMS offices and additional international law firms were also involved in the transaction.

The Argo-Hytos Group, originally established in 1947 in Stuttgart, is an international technology leader specialising in high-quality customer-specific hydraulic components and systems. Based in Baar (Switzerland), the Argo-Hytos Group posted sales of around EUR 130 million in the last year for which figures are available. It operates 17 locations worldwide and employs some 1,300 people.

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Frances Gerrard

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