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Corporate social responsibility

a key priority at CMS

Companies are increasingly expected to operate in a way that is responsible, legally compliant, and compatible with social and ecological aspirations. As an international commercial law firm, we thrive on creating sustainable added value for our clients. More than ever, this added value in the business and legal world depends on being able to react quickly to complex legal changes and anticipate developments.

Social issues such as climate change, changes in the world of work, digitalisation or a functioning healthcare system also entail challenges for our clients. In this regard, we are not only called upon as legal experts. Conducting business responsibly starts in our own organisation: How do we treat each other? What type of management culture and corporate culture do we maintain? What are we doing to reduce our carbon footprint and lower resource consumption? What contribution do we make to a healthy social environment? Corporate social responsibility is one of our key priorities. That is why we are working on good answers to these questions.