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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility – a key priority at CMS

CMS Germany is a long-time supporter of non-profit causes at national level and at its individual locations, through donations and pro bono activities.

In 2016, the CMS Foundation (CMS Stiftung) was launched with the aim of making expert legal advice and representation available to people in need. Everyone, regardless of their origin, education and social status, should be able to rely on our legal system. To ensure this, the Foundation works closely with specialist organisations, law clinics and other initiatives.

CMS also recognises its wider responsibility to improve the communities where we work and live.

Diversity: equal opportunities for everyone

CMS in Germany is committed to equality in all its dealings with clients, employees and third parties. We respect all people – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity.

Our equal opportunities policy is regularly reviewed in light of new legislation. All recruitment and staff development decisions are based solely on objective criteria.

Accordingly, it was a logical step for CMS Hasche Sigle to sign the Diversity Charter in September 2012.

Good training and working conditions: fundamental to everything we do at CMS

We want to remain an attractive employer for outstanding lawyers. For this reason we invest in the personal and professional development of our staff. We have a working time policy in place to suit individual needs, aimed at encouraging and facilitating work/family balance.

CMS in Germany has repeatedly been recognised as the most popular employer for junior lawyers.

Pro bono activities and sponsoring: a matter of the heart

We live up to our social responsibility by supporting a range of non-profit initiatives. These typically operate at regional level because our local offices are best placed to determine which charitable and sponsorship opportunities will have the greatest impact on their communities. Many of our employees are involved as volunteers in social projects, art and culture, as well as in education and the academic world.

Non-profit activities of CMS Hasche Sigle