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CMS Expert Guide to trade secrets

Explore and compare the protection for trade secrets in your chosen markets

As a business, your most valued assets can be the things you can’t touch or see. 

Intangible assets such as patents, formulas, software, designs and data are now driving corporate performance. And in a global, digitally-connected marketplace, keeping these assets safe is a big challenge.

The CMS Expert Guide to Trade Secrets is your guide to the legal provisions available around the world to help safeguard your ideas and innovations. 

Using the dropdown menu below, compare up to three jurisdictions at a time, including aspects such as:

  • How trade secrets are legally defined
  • Managing ownership of trade secrets
  • Acting on infringement of trade secrets

If you wish to discuss any issues further, please contact the specialists indicated in the relevant jurisdiction section.

Also check out our exclusive research into trade secrets in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit: Open secrets? Guarding value in the intangible economy.


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