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In­ter­na­tion­al Technology, Media and Communications Conference 2017

London, United Kingdom

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08 December 2017, 09:30 - 16:30 UTC +00:00

Now marking its 3rd year, CMS's International Technology, Media and Communications conference will be gathering more than 150 delegates, representing financial institutions, technology players, traditional and new media companies, and communications service providers from across the globe.

“Innovate to survive” is the conference motto this year. Please join us in London for a day of interesting panel discussions and keynotes to hear how companies are strengthening their position to thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

*agenda subject to alteration




Opening Remarks

  • Chris Watson, Global Head of Technology, Media and Communications, CMS UK
  • Dóra Petrányi, Managing Director, Central Eastern Europe, CMS Hungary


The Future of Food 

London-based Deliveroo is a start-up success story, having grown in just four years to hit a valuation of over £1bn.  Hear why innovation is a necessity in their journey.

  • Rohan Pradhan, Global Head of Editions, Deliveroo


Is eSports the next big sensation? 

As the popularity of eSports grows, traditional sports have responded in a mixed way - sometimes with apprehension, sometimes spotting an opportunity, and sometimes being plain puzzled as to its appeal. Start to understand the eSports landscape and hear how third parties can use eSports to their commercial advantage.

  • Michiel Bakker, CEO, Ginx eSports TV
  • Seong Sin Han, Head of Marketing Legal Services, UEFA
  • Pietro Fringuelli, Partner, CMS Germany
  • Dolf Segaar, Partner, CMS Netherlands


Game-changing financial services 

How are banks and insurers being disrupted by startups, and how can they work together better?

  • Martin Smith, Head of Marketing, Concirrus
  • Robert Kałuża, Co-founder, Billon Group
  • Anne Chitan, Of Counsel, CMS London
  • Ireneusz Piecuch, Partner, CMS Poland


The Digital Transformation journey 

  • Deborah Sherry, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Digital, Europe


60 years of AI - a bird’s eye view 

Since Margaret Boden's first scientific publication on artificial intelligence in 1972, she has witnessed some of the most significant breakthroughs and periods of struggle in the area. Maggie will give us a rare and valuable insight into the developments in AI over time.

  • Margaret A. Boden OBE ScD FBA, Research Professor of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex




IBM Watson at work 

How is AI being applied in practice? Craig Dawson will share how IBM Watson's technologies are wowing and transforming organisations.

  • Craig Dawson, Head of Europe, IBM Watson
  • Chris Watson, Global Head of Technology, Media and Communications, CMS UK


Innovate or your deal could die 

The pressure to be more efficient and drive legal costs down is even more intense. This panel will discuss the practical applications and benefits of legal technology, the risk appetite of investors, and what the role of lawyers will be in the future.

  • Owen Oliver, Product Manager, Workshare
  • Daniel Sasaki, Managing Partner, Mayfair Equity Partners
  • Peter Wallqvist, Vice President of Strategy, iManage
  • Chris Baldwin, Consultant, CMS UK
  • Klaus Jaeger, Partner, CMS Germany


The Rise of the New Luxury Economy 

  • Javier Cedillo-Espin, CEO, onefinestay


Why brands that put people at the heart of innovation will thrive 

There are multiple factors that make an organisation truly ‘innovative’, and it is people who will always be at the heart of that - be it employees, customers, or the wider world.

  • Amanda Baker, Strategy Manager, Rooster Punk
  • Tom Elgar, Founder, Passle
  • Rob Wilmot, Founder and CEO, Crowdicity
  • Charles Kerrigan, Partner, CMS UK


Closing remarks


Christmas drinks reception


Final close

Watch what people said about last year’s conference:

Innovate to Survive - Agenda and speaker information
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Portrait ofChris Watson
Chris Watson
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Craig Dawson
Watson Leader Europe, IBM
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Deborah Sherry
General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer, GE Digital Europe
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David Putts
Chairman, Billon Group
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Robert Kaluza
Co-founder, Billon Group
Portrait ofVP of Strategy, iManage
Peter Wallqvist
VP of Strategy, iManage
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Amanda Baker
Creative Strategist at Rooster Punk
Portrait ofDóra Petrányi
Dóra Petrányi
Portrait ofPietro Fringuelli
Dr. Pietro Fringuelli
Dolf Segaar
Portrait ofAnne Chitan
Anne Chitan
Ireneusz Piecuch
Portrait ofChris Baldwin
Mr Chris Baldwin
Portrait ofKlaus Jäger
Klaus Jäger
Portrait ofCharles Kerrigan
Charles Kerrigan
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