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Covid-19 and measures taken in favour of the insured persons in Morocco

Emergency system to enable individuals to cope with epidemic risk


In addition to its health emergency plan (see our article "Morocco: the legal framework for a state health emergency"), several measures must make it possible to deal with the crisis, by using insurance.

The Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance (MFIR) and the Chairman of the Autorité de Contrôle des Assurances et de la Prévoyance Sociale (ACAPS) have taken the following exceptional measures to protect the interests of insured persons under both tacit renewal and fixed-term contracts:

  • Car insurance certificates which expire on 20 March will continue to be valid until the end of April, the insured persons will be able to renew their contracts until the end of this period and will pay lump-sum premiums including the premium for the extension period;
  • Health insurance policies cover medical and pharmaceutical procedures related to Covid-19 and
  • Accident at Work contracts cover teleworking when authorized by the employer, excluding domestic accidents.

These measures are similar to those provided for teleworking for employees (see on this point our article: "Covid-19: measures for employees and employers in Morocco").

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