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Merger Control

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Merger control is a vitally important element of many transactions. The early identification of where a transaction needs to be notified, and the incorporation of the most appropriate merger control strategy within the deal approach, is essential to its success. If merger control is neglected, the transaction may not proceed, may need to be undone or may not realise its full potential. Our expertise in obtaining merger clearances in the UK, before the European Commission and across the world will smooth the complexities of making your deal happen and help to avoid any nasty surprises. Our primary objective is to ensure that merger control is dealt with efficiently and puts you in the strongest position.

The CMS Competition Group is one of the largest in Europe. As a result, you are assured of a seamless service to obtain swift merger clearances for multi-jurisdictional deals.

We have extensive experience of coordinating merger filings in international transactions, enabling us to lead clients safely through the maze of formal and informal processes. We can advise early in a transaction on how a deal structure will be treated under merger control laws and whether a transaction is likely to give rise to any substantive concerns; can prepare universal merger control submissions to ensure a consistent and cost-effective approach when making filings; and are experienced at negotiating favourable remedies with the competition authorities to secure clearance.

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