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We are one of the largest planning teams in the UK with over 30 specialist lawyers. We are motivated by a passion to help to create exceptional places and environments and deliver essential infrastructure to meet the UK's demographic and development needs.

Planning shapes every aspect of our lives. The buildings and environments in which we live, work, shop, play and educate the next generation have all been created through commercial enterprise, consultation and the exercise of political power by our elected representatives through the planning system.

Alongside our expertise in real estate we are also leading specialists in energy & infrastructure consenting.

Working for many years across a full range of development and infrastructure sectors gives us deep industry experience and perspective so that we can deliver clear and practical advice on fast-moving projects. We have assisted our clients with obtaining planning permissions and other consents for some of the UK’s largest and most complex schemes.

Our expertise spreads across urban regeneration, housing, retail, data centres, industrial and logistics, hotels and leisure, surplus land and energy and infrastructure. Our aim for every development is to ensure that our client obtains implementable, flexible, bankable and fit-for-purpose consents in accordance with their programme.

In the last three years alone, we have helped our clients to secure planning permissions for:

  • Over 24,000 new homes
  • Over 8m sq. ft. of retail
  • Over 6m sq. ft. of offices
  • Over 4m sq. ft. of industrial
  • 10GW / 1,100 Kms of generation / networks

“They made something very complicated and rushed feel easy. They made it as easy as it possibly could be. As a client, I felt it was a great position to be in."

Chambers, 2016 [Client Quote]

“Clear expertise in their field with a good support network. Their strongest point is that they give very clear advice and do treat the matter personally rather than simply as a remote consultant.”

Chambers, 2017

"A technically excellent and professional team."

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High­lights of our ex­per­i­ence in Plan­ning in the UK
Berke­ley Homes on Lon­don res­id­en­tial de­vel­op­ments in­clud­ing Vista in Bat­ter­sea and the former Wool­wich Ar­sen­al and Kid­brooke re­gen­er­a­tion pro­jects.Ham­mer­son and Stand­ard Life on Brent Cross Crickle­wood...
Law-Now: Real Es­tate & Con­struc­tion Plan­ning
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Plan­ning 2017
Plan­ning shapes every as­pect of our lives. The build­ings and en­vir­on­ments where we live, work, shop, play and edu­cate the next gen­er­a­tion have all been cre­ated through com­mer­cial en­ter­prise, con­sulta­tion...


Busi­ness Rates: The ef­fect of the Au­tumn State­ment 2022
Sum­mary On 17 Novem­ber 2022 the Chan­cel­lor presen­ted the Au­tumn State­ment, which re­vealed a pack­age of sup­port to help with busi­ness rates worth a pro­jec­ted £13.6 bil­lion over the next 5 years.  The...
Prob­lems with con­cur­rent leases and the Elec­tron­ic Com­mu­nic­a­tions Code
In Au­gust this year, the Up­per Tribunal pub­lished a de­cision which iden­ti­fies a ser­i­ous gap in Sched­ule 3A of the Com­mu­nic­a­tions Act 2003 (the Elec­tron­ic Com­mu­nic­a­tions Code) (“Code”) and raises con­cerns...
Hill­side and NPF4: An Event­ful Week for Plan­ning in Scot­land
Hill­side The Su­preme Court has re­cently is­sued its eagerly an­ti­cip­ated judg­ment in the Hill­side case, which con­sidered the im­plic­a­tions of over­lap­ping plan­ning per­mis­sions. The Hill­side judg­ment is ar­gu­ably...
Hill­side Re­vis­ited 4: Phys­ic­al dif­fer­ences must be ma­ter­i­al?
1. In­tro­duc­tion This is the fourth Law-Now in a series on the Su­preme Court’s judg­ment in Hill­side Parks Ltd v Snow­do­nia Na­tion­al Park Au­thor­ity. The first Law-Now is avail­able here, the second here...
Hill­side Re­vis­ited 3 – Sage Ad­vice – De­vel­op­ment pur­su­ant to a plan­ning...
In the third in our series of Law-Nows look­ing at the Su­preme Court’s judg­ment in Hill­side[1], we con­sider how the Su­preme Court has cla­ri­fied the ap­plic­ab­il­ity of the Sage[2] prin­ciple. The Su­preme...
Hill­side re­vis­ited 2 - Con­flict­ing plan­ning per­mis­sions: Re­con­cil­ing “phys­ic­al...
1. In­tro­duc­tion This is the second in a series of Law-Nows re­lat­ing to the Su­preme Court’s judg­ment in Hill­side Parks Ltd v Snow­do­nia Na­tion­al Park Au­thor­ity. The first Law Now is avail­able here. In...
Hill­side Re­vis­ited- Su­preme Court gives judg­ment on (in)com­pat­ib­il­ity of...
Two years less a day since the Court of Ap­peal’s judg­ment in Hill­side, the Su­preme Court has now ruled on wheth­er it is pos­sible to have the be­ne­fit of mul­tiple over­lap­ping plan­ning per­mis­sions. ...
Band­width: En­abling change
CIL ex­emp­tion for self-built hous­ing not avail­able for ret­ro­spect­ive plan­ning...
On 16 Au­gust 2022, the Court of Ap­peal ruled in Gardiner v Hertsmere Bor­ough Coun­cil and Sec­ret­ary of State for Lev­el­ling Up, Hous­ing and Com­munit­ies [2022] EW­CA Civ 1162 that the ex­emp­tion from li­ab­il­ity...
In­dex­a­tion, in­dex­a­tion, in­fla­tion
In­fla­tion is high and in­dex­a­tion adds sig­ni­fic­ant cost to plan­ning ob­lig­a­tions. So is it time to take a dif­fer­ent ap­proach to in­dex­a­tion clauses in sec­tion 106 agree­ments? Most sec­tion 106 agree­ments...
The new Lux­em­bourg-UK double tax treaty: key points for in­vestors in UK...
On 7 June 2022, the United-King­dom (UK) and Lux­em­bourg signed the text of the new double tax treaty. The date on which the treaty will enter in­to force will de­pend on the rat­i­fic­a­tion pro­cesses in the...
The fu­ture man­age­ment and reg­u­la­tion of roads in Scot­land
In­tro­duc­tion  COP26 and the wider cli­mate emer­gency have brought en­vir­on­ment­al con­cerns to the fore­front of all pub­lic policy de­cisions. Trans­port is the sec­tor with the biggest con­tri­bu­tion to green­house...