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CMS’s Litigation practice is truly global, with more than 1200 dispute resolution lawyers in 74 offices in 45 countries spread across Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America. We work with our clients to navigate the most complex matters and embrace a range of technologies, project management expertise and resource to deliver value for our clients. With our extensive European footprint, we are particularly adept at putting together large cross-border teams to successfully litigate multijurisdictional disputes.

We assist our clients in all types of litigation and across all industry sectors, reaching from technology to financial services and from energy to telecommunications, involving also cross-sectorial disputes. In these contexts, CMS regularly litigates issues of contract law, commercial law, corporate law, litigation concerning any form of liability, financial law, insolvency, construction law, healthcare law, environmental law, insurance law, civil enforcement procedures, criminal business law, criminal tax law, media law and family law.

In particular, CMS’s experts represent clients facing multiple and complex claims in mass litigation or class action contexts, which are currently on the rise throughout Europe. This trend is here to stay, last but not least due to the upcoming implementation of the Representative Action Directive in the EU’s member states. In mass litigation proceedings CMS has a proven record of aligning the litigation strategy to its client’s business priorities by implementing expedient and cost-effective measures, e.g. the use of tailor-made legal tech solutions.

With extensive experience in dispute resolution, we can support you at every stage of litigation:

  • Risk analysis
  • Pre-litigation process
  • Defining a legal strategy
  • Emergency or preventive procedures
  • Representation before national courts and arbitral tribunals
  • Amicable settlement
  • Enforcement of court decisions and arbitral awards

Smart Service Delivery

Disputes often involve large volumes of documentation. Gathering evidence during the investigation and disclosure stages of contentious matters can often be a costly and complex process. To simplify this process and provide a cost-effective alternative for gathering and reviewing evidence electronically, CMS has created CMS Evidence, a service that supports the hosting, forensic analysis, review and distribution of electronic and physical evidence. Recently awarded ‘Best eDiscovery Team’, the team is not only one of the largest of any major law firm, but also one of the few that is fully certified to industry standard. By not outsourcing this service, clients save critical time in the early stages of a dispute or investigation, because there is no need to bring external suppliers up to speed.

We keep a close eye on key litigation-related developments and trends to offer you insights, commentary and perspectives across multiple channels.

Brilliant professionals with an outstanding knowledge of the law, and they know people across all sections as well.

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It’s a dynamic and innovative firm that is very focused on client relationships

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In recent years, construction and engineering businesses have faced a whole storm of headwinds. CMS, in partnership with YouGov, asked in-house lawyers about the biggest challenges of managing disputes in this environment - and how those challenges can be met.   Sixty-second summaryThe evolving nature of construction risk will see changes to standard contracts and negotiation positions. It may also bring more disputes, particularly where those changes lag behind project realities. Fewer than half the businesses we surveyed reported that the in-house legal or contract management team is always consulted at the start of a project to identify areas of risk and to establish appropriate risk management strategies. Most in-house lawyers believe their businesses could improve the way in which risk is managed during projects - often in a number of important ways. Despite the potential benefits, only 17% of the in-house lawyers we surveyed are using AI in disputes or contract management. Some say they will never use it. Most in-house lawyers believe their businesses have a lot of scope to improve the way that project risks are managed. AI has the potential to be a game-changer in this area by optimising processes, planning, scheduling and other elements of case management and by revolutionising the way a business handles its portfolio of contracts. 
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