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June 2011 newsletter


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Dear Reader,

In this issue, besides articles related to retail and competition law, we have focused on criminal law, viewed from different perspectives such as employment, corporate and public law. Recent cases unfortunately demonstrate the significant consequences of underestimating this specific aspect of legislation. This leads us to stress the importance of integrating criminal law risks in any risk management strategy.

Risk management is often seen as an iceberg. Although the cliché is simple, the image is potent. People usually “see” those aspects relating to their own fields, leaving many key issues unseen. On the other hand, no entrepreneurial project can succeed without a certain amount of risk. As lawyers, we may help you to identify, minimize or reduce those risks.

We have decided to shed some light on these issues by dedicating our second “Wallifornia” event, to be held at the end of June, to risk management. You will find a copy of our report on these issues on our website from 28 June.

Have an enjoyable read.

Stanislas van Wassenhove
Managing Partner

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