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Wij zijn het meest toonaangevende kantoor in de hotelbranche. Wij adviseren bij fusies en overnames, financieringen, projectontwikkeling en bouw, leaseconstructies, management- en franchiseovereenkomsten en bij allerhande geschillen met hotel operators. Wij zijn de trusted advisor van de grootste investeerders, beleggingsfondsen en financiers. Dat geldt evenzeer voor grote internationale hotel operators. Wij signaleren nieuwe ontwikkelingen. Wij zien nieuwe mogelijkheden. En wapenen u vervolgens. Het hebben van de juiste contacten kan van onschatbare waarde voor uw onderneming zijn. Wij hebben ze.

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In M&A the firm has a good reputation for working in the hospitality, life sciences and oil and gas sectors.

IFLR1000, 2019
July 2018
Fin­ding the ba­lan­ce: hu­man touch ver­sus high tech
560340htt­ps://me­dia.cms­legal.com/me­dia/em­bed?key=4c23d8f91dc­bac6d106faa16ce87d782&uni­que_key=4e1357a6d52589721a54cfb30baac4a0&width=720&height=405&au­to­play=fal­se&au­to­lights­off=fal­se&loop=fal­se&clean1al­waysez­no­de://499614Ho­tels and res­tau­rants are in­cre­a­sin­gly ex­pec­ted to de­li­ver a new and dif­fe­rent ex­pe­rien­ce; one that lea­ves a las­ting me­mo­ry, dis­tin­guis­hes them from their com­pe­ti­tors and em­bra­ces not just tech­no­lo­gy, but the fu­tu­re.And what is that fu­tu­re? He­re co­me the mil­len­ni­als. A ge­ne­ra­ti­on of di­gi­tal na­ti­ves with sig­ni­fi­cant spen­ding po­wer. In fact, mil­len­ni­als al­rea­dy ac­count for 28% of re­ve­nues for ho­tels and 29% for res­tau­rants, ac­cor­ding to our re­search.This ge­ne­ra­ti­on is clear­ly ha­ving an im­pact on the sec­tor. Howe­ver, our sur­vey of over 5,000 mil­len­ni­als in 18 coun­tries, con­tra­sted with the views of over 170 lea­ders in the ho­tel and res­tau­rant sec­tor, dis­pels se­ve­r­al my­ths and ste­reo­ty­pes. It’s clear, for example, that the­re is no ty­pi­cal mil­len­ni­al. Li­fe sta­ge and ge­o­grap­hic lo­ca­ti­on hea­vi­ly im­pact their choi­ces. And they do not al­ways va­lue high tech over the hu­man touch. At least in the world of ho­tels and res­tau­rants, ex­pe­rien­ce trumps tech­no­lo­gy.So how do ho­tels and res­tau­rants res­pond? How do they in­vest in a fu­tu­re dri­ven by the most tech-sa­vvy ge­ne­ra­ti­on to reach adult­hood yet? How do they cre­a­te ef­fi­cien­cies to sol­ve pinch points in the bu­si­nes­ses wit­hout alie­na­ting the very mar­ket they’re trying to at­tract?For example, our re­search sug­gests that ho­tels and res­tau­rants overesti­ma­te the va­lue mil­len­ni­als pla­ce on au­to­ma­ted pro­ces­ses using apps and ta­blets. This ge­ne­ra­ti­on still wants to pla­ce a food or­der or check out with a re­al per­son. 78% say they pre­fer the hu­man touch throug­hout their who­le di­ning ex­pe­rien­ce. Ro­bots be­wa­re.Tech does ha­ve an in­flu­en­ce though. Ho­tels are esti­ma­ted to be in­ves­ting over 9% of an­nu­al re­ve­nue on tech­no­lo­gy, equi­va­lent to USD 1 tril­li­on. The most po­pu­lar ho­tel tech are high-speed Wi­Fi, an app for ho­tel ser­vi­ces, mu­sic strea­ming and an in-room ta­blet for room con­trols. In res­tau­rants, the most po­pu­lar fa­ci­li­ties are the abi­li­ty to or­der food and drinks be­fo­re ar­ri­ving, paying via an app and or­de­ring food elec­tro­ni­cally at the ve­nue. But glo­bally on­ly 16% thought 3D vir­tu­al en­ter­tain­ment would im­pro­ve their di­ning ex­pe­rien­ce. By con­trast, 28% of res­tau­rants ex­pect to im­ple­ment 3D vir­tu­al en­ter­tain­ment in their res­tau­rants within the next 24 months.The­se are just a few of the sur­pri­sing fin­dings of our re­search. Com­bi­ned with our own in­sight, we al­so sha­re the la­test thin­king from se­ve­r­al high pro­fi­le in­du­stry fi­gu­res who ha­ve plen­ty to say on this sub­ject. We ho­pe you en­joy rea­ding their views and the re­port and look for­ward to dis­cus­sing it with you in mo­re de­tail.
Num­ber 1 Ho­tel La­wy­ers in Eu­ro­pe
Whe­ther you’re an ow­ner, in­ves­tor, len­der or ope­ra­tor in the ho­tels and lei­su­re sec­tor, you ha­ve com­plex bu­si­ness needs that call for ex­pert so­lu­ti­ons. At CMS we ha­ve the ex­pe­rien­ce to ad­vi­se you on all as­pects of the ho­tel and lei­su­re sec­tor. Spe­ci­a­list la­wy­ers who un­der­stand how ho­tels and lei­su­re bu­si­ness are ope­ra­ted, ow­ned, brand­ed, fi­nan­ced and de­vel­o­ped sa­ve you ti­me and help stream­li­ne the run­ning of your bu­si­ness
June 2019
CMS Ho­tels & Lei­su­re Glo­bal Bro­chu­re
At CMS, we un­der­stand the Ho­tel & Lei­su­re bu­si­ness en­vi­ron­ment. Our ex­pe­rien­ce co­vers all as­pects of the in­du­stry – we are the­re to gui­de you and help you grow and stay com­pe­ti­ti­ve in crow­ded mar­kets. Re­ly­ing on pro­fes­si­o­nals who are re­cog­ni­sed as in­du­stry lea­ders gi­ves you pre­fer­red ac­cess to the la­test in­for­ma­ti­on, cut­ting-ed­ge ide­as, and the ne­west mar­ket op­por­tu­ni­ties.With over 300 ex­perts around the glo­be, we are the­re whe­re­ver you need us.


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Fin­ding the ba­lan­ce: hu­man touch ver­sus high tech
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Num­ber 1 Ho­tel La­wy­ers in Eu­ro­pe
The CMS Ho­tel & Lei­su­re Group has an un­ri­val­led pro­fi­le in this field. We pro­vi­de eight of the ten lar­gest ho­tel chains in Eu­ro­pe with ex­pert ad­vi­ce, and pro­vi­de legal ad­vi­ce on ma­ny of the most im­por­tant ho­tel and lei­su­re pro­jects across Eu­ro­pe to­day.