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Wij zijn CMS, één van de grootste advocatenkantoren ter wereld met meer dan 70 vestigingen in ruim 40 landen. We combineren onze diepgaande kennis van de Nederlandse markt, waarop we al meer dan een eeuw actief zijn, met een wereldwijd netwerk en perspectief. 

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Routebeschrijving auto
Gebruik het adres "Strawinskylaan 2999, 1077 ZX Amsterdam" wanneer u gebruik maakt van een navigatiesysteem. Dit is het adres van onze parkeergarage.

Den Haag, Rotterdam, Schiphol
Neem de A4 richting Amsterdam, neem de A10 richting Ring Oost: Amersfoort en neem vervolgens de afslag s108 Buitenveldert. Ga links naar de Amstelveenseweg, ga links naar De Boelelaan, ga links naar Buitenveldertselaan en sla rechtsaf naar de Strawinskylaan. De ingang van onze parkeergarage bevindt zich aan uw rechter zijde.

Neem de A2 richting Amsterdam, neem de A10 richting Ring West: Den Haag/Zaanstad en neem vervolgens de afslag s109 Amsterdam RAI. Ga links naar de Europaboulevard, ga rechts naar De Boelelaan, ga rechts naar Buitenveldertselaan en sla rechtsaf naar de Strawinskylaan. De ingang van onze parkeergarage bevindt zich aan uw rechter zijde.

Neem de A1 richting Amsterdam, neem de A10 richting Ring West: Den Haag en neem vervolgens de afslag s109 Amsterdam RAI. Ga links naar de Europaboulevard, ga rechts naar De Boelelaan, ga rechts naar Buitenveldertselaan en sla rechtsaf naar de Strawinskylaan. De ingang van onze parkeergarage bevindt zich aan uw rechter zijde.

Per vliegtuig
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Openbaar vervoer
Neem de trein naar Station Amsterdam-Zuid. Vanaf het perron is het maximaal 5 minuten lopen naar ons kantoor:
Verlaat het perron via de "Parnassusweg / VU" uitgang; dit is de tegenovergestelde richting van de stationshal. Neem de trap naar beneden en ga direct naar rechts. Vervolg de route onder de snelweg door en ga de eerste straat rechts. Het Atrium bevindt zich aan uw linkerzijde. Gebruik de Zuidtoren ingang.

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Atrium - Parnassusweg 737
1077 DG Amsterdam
Postbus 94700
1090 GS Amsterdam
Nieuwsbrieven & events
Hartelijk dank voor uw interesse in onze nieuwsbrieven en uitnodigingen voor events


LOF Congres
Stichting Landelijk Overleg Fiscalisten (LOF) is een sa­men­wer­kings­ver­band tussen alle landelijke fiscale stu­die­ver­e­ni­gin­gen. De Stichting beoogt activiteiten voor alle fiscale studenten in Nederland te...
Jeu de Boules – Bona Fide
Op 19 september 2024 gaat CMS jeu de boulen met Bona Fide. Bona Fide is een studievereniging voor privaatrecht. De vereniging organiseert gedurende het collegejaar uiteenlopende activiteiten met als...
EU Competition Law Briefing
The EU Competition Law Briefings have been created to provide a platform for our clients and other competition law experts to stay up to date on the developments of EU Competition Law. 
JFAS Padellen
De Juridische Faculteit der Amsterdamsche Studenten (JFAS) is de Juridische Fa­cul­teits­ver­e­ni­ging van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Deze vereniging is met haar 1500 leden een van de oudste en grootste...
Cross-border Financial Services 2024 webinar series
We're delighted to announce the launch of our third season of international webinars focusing on financial regulation, starting on 13 March 2024. Whether you are an in-house lawyer, compliance officer, financial analyst, risk manager, or any other professional concerned with maintaining the integrity of your organisation's financial practices, this series offers succinct 20-30 minute overviews of key industry trends and regulatory concerns across mul­ti­ple ju­ris­dic­ti­ons. If you have any additional topics that you would like us to add or address at one of the webinars, please contact us. Upcoming Webinars: 5 June: Preparing for a regulatory visit  How the banking regulator assesses a firm’s systems and controls: what to prepare and what to look out for.3 July: Handling a challenging ap­pli­ca­ti­on  Your application for a licence, product approval or change in control is meeting with regulatory resistance.  How can you surmount these challenges?31 July: Dawn Raids  Unan­noun­ced regulator visits are on the increase.  We look at what triggers a dawn raid, your rights if one happens, and how best to manage the consequences.4 September: Navigating the global ESG lands­ca­pe Is the regulatory reporting jigsaw puzzle causing more harm than good? We will provide an overview of the main cross-border issues impacting global financial institutions as they seek to manage ever expanding ESG regulations and discuss whether these rules are helping or hindering the action we need for change. The language of the webinar will be English.
Vevanos Kano-diner
Vevanos is de oudste notariële vereniging van Nederland en organiseert jaarlijks een notariële businesscourse; Vevanos Academy. Samen met 6 toonaangevende Zuid-as kantoren zorgt Vevanos ervoor dat studenten...
Kantoorbezoek - Vevanos Academy
Vevanos is de oudste notariële vereniging van Nederland en organiseert verschillende activiteiten voor haar leden. Jaarlijks organiseert Vevanos een notariële businesscourse; Vevanos Academy. Samen...
2024 Insurance sector webinar programme
Notwithstanding the extraordinary times we’ve all been operating in, the insurance sector continues to deal with fast-paced changes. Insurance companies should keep up with changing regulations and market trends that will impact on their day-to-day operations and long-term business. It has become crucial for (re)insurers, brokers, their risk managers and general counsels to get the right insight and advice across a wide range of claims and coverage, and regulatory and corporate issues. To deliver the expert responses that the insurance market needs, the CMS Insurance Group has developed a comprehensive programme for 2024.
Webinar: From Local to Global: Hiring Internationally in the Dutch Mobility...
Back to Basics briefings - New briefing added!
CMS Funds Group Back to Basics briefings intend to provide high level insights regarding funds fundamentals, funds vehicles and operational considerations New briefings are published on a regular basis, covering a specific jurisdiction or topic, and providing basic essential technical explanations.
Looking ahead to the EU AI Act
Introduction On 21 May 2024, the Council of the European Union adopted the Regulation laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence” (the so-called AI Act). As the world's first comprehensive law to regulate artificial intelligence, the AI Act aims to establish uniform requirements for the development and use of artificial intelligence in the European Union. Following the European Parliament's adoption of the draft on 13 March 2024, the AI Act has now been formally adopted . Once signed by the Presidents of the European Parliament and the Council, the Regulation will be published in the Official Journal of the EU and will enter into force twenty days after its publication. With this  adoption of the world’s most significant legislation on Artificial Intelligence, solidifying its position as a pioneer among global legislators. This initiative aims to establish and reinforce the EU’s role as a premier hub for AI while ensuring that AI development remains focused on human-centered and trustworthy principles. After a long and complex journey that began in 2021 with the European Commission’s proposal of a draft AI Act, this new regulation is expected to be passed into law in June  2024. The AI Act aims to ensure that the marketing and use of AI systems and their outputs in the EU are consistent with fundamental rights under EU law, such as privacy, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability. Adopting a dual approach, it outright prohibits AI systems deemed to pose unacceptable risks while imposing regulatory obligations on other AI systems and their outputs. The new regulation, which also aims to strike a fair balance between innovation and the protection of individuals, not only makes Europe a world leader in the regulation of this new technology, but also endeavours to create a legal framework that users of AI technologies will be able to comply with in order to make the most of this significant development opportunity. In this article we provide a first overview of the key points contained in the text of the AI Act that companies should be aware of in order to prepare for the implementing regulation.
Consultation of the European Commission on Vifor's commitments concerning...
In response to the Preliminary Assessment stating the potential abuse of its dominant position, Vifor proposed several commitments to rectify the potential competition law infringement. The European Commission...