Lawyers for Family Business Owners

Family business owners face special responsibilities, and often feel a particularly strong sense of commitment to the company and its employees. Continuing the traditions of a family-owned company down the generations while adapting it to the challenges of new technologies and markets represents a formidable challenge for family business owners.

CMS Germany – assisting and supporting family business owners

CMS Germany has been advising family business owners for decades on all matters related to commercial law, tax law and inheritance law. Family-controlled and family-managed firms value our role as a reliable partner who provides advice on the company's strategic direction both within Germany and internationally, assists with operational aspects of the business and helps to plan the transition to the next generation.

We tailor our services to the client's specific needs. The experts from our Private Clients practice support family business owners via interdisciplinary teams that comprise corporate law experts, employment lawyers and specialists on tax, family and inheritance law. Our lawyers acquaint themselves fully with the client's business, allowing them to respond appropriately at all times.

Our services for family business owners

Our lawyers and tax advisors help family business owners to successfully address the many challenges posed by today’s markets. Our input commences with the development of a strategy for aligning business interests and family well-being. This includes selecting the management team for the business and the asset managers, for example, or the decision to establish a family office. Ongoing monitoring of business strategy and the family constitution is also part and parcel of our work.

In close consultation with the family business owner, we assess asset management risks, provide support for investment projects and transactions, and develop strategies for corporate succession.

Our services for family business owners include:

  • Legal and tax advice on asset planning and structuring
  • Assistance with corporate transactions and the legal aspects of financing
  • Estate planning, estate administration and management
  • Foundations and trusts
  • Tax planning, assistance with complex tax issues and criminal tax proceedings
  • Family constitutions, organisation of family meetings
  • Advising family offices, banks and asset managers
  • Contingency planning for the family
  • Advising family business owners on private matters, including marriage contracts, change of domicile, naturalisation and denaturalisation
  • Litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

Family business owners outside Germany

We also advise families and family-owned companies with substantial assets on their business interests in other countries. Tight integration of our experts into the CMS Private Clients Specialty Group established by the international CMS organisation enables us to provide excellent cross-border advice covering all key areas and to represent our clients as required.

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Hans Christian Blum
Hans Christian Blum
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Erbrecht (Certified lawyer for inheritance law) | Co-Head of the CMS Private Clients Group
Germany, Stuttgart
Germany, Cologne
Hans Christian Blum advises entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals. His clients primarily aim at protecting and preserving family businesses/family assets as well as keeping peace in the family...
Thomas J Meyer
Dr. Thomas J Meyer
Germany, Hamburg
For more than 30 years, Thomas J. Meyer has been a member of the CMS Private Clients practice, working on numerous complex national and international cases with a focus on advising and representing families...
Daniel Otte
Dr. Daniel Otte, LL.M. (Boston Univ.)
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht (Certified lawyer for commercial and corporate law)
Germany, Cologne
Daniel Otte advises entrepreneurs and family businesses on strategic management and equity interest issues. He is particularly experienced in corporate law disputes and represents clients in and out of...
Dirk Schauer
Dr. Dirk Schauer
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Erbrecht (Certified lawyer for inheritance law) | Head of Private Clients, CMS Germany
Germany, Stuttgart
Dirk Schauer advises entrepreneurs and private clients on national and international estate planning and corporate succession planning as well as on foundations. He advises on the structuring and protection...
Eckhard Schmid
Dr. Eckhard Schmid
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht (Certified lawyer for labor and employment law)
Germany, Munich
Eckhard Schmid has been a labour lawyer for over 30 years. On the law relating to board members, managing directors and executive employees he has been considered one of the top advisors in Germany for...
Angelika Thies
Prof. Dr. Angelika Thies
Tax Adviser | Head of Tax, CMS Germany
Germany, Munich
Angelika Thies has long-standing experience advising family-owned businesses and groups on all German and international aspects of company taxation, particularly regarding complex restructurings within...
Oliver Thurn
Dr. Oliver Thurn, LL.M. (Univ. London)
Germany, Munich
Oliver Thurn advises on M&A, private equity and real estate transactions, both in a national and cross-border context. Oliver also advises on corporate structuring matters. Having worked in London for...
Heiko Wiechers
Dr. Heiko Wiechers
Germany, Stuttgart
Heiko Wiechers is a corporate lawyer focussing on domestic and cross-border transactions and reorganisations. He advises his clients on foreign investments and on joint ventures, in particular with a...
Michael Schellenberger
Dr. Michael Schellenberger, Mag. rer. publ.
Prin­cip­al Coun­sel
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Erbrecht (Certified lawyer for inheritance law)
Germany, Stuttgart
Michael Schellenberger assists business owners and high net worth individuals with their asset structuring, corporate investment management, succession planning and matrimonial regime issues. He also...
Luise Uhl-Ludäscher
Luise Uhl-Ludäscher, Dipl.-Ökonomin, Dipl.-Finanzwirtin (FH)
Prin­cip­al Coun­sel
Tax Adviser
Germany, Stuttgart
Luise Uhl-Ludäscher specialises in tax planning, advising medium-sized family businesses and there owners and families as well as high-net-worth individuals on corporate succession and estate planning...