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Energy Finance lawyers

As a participant in the energy sector, you will need to ensure that financing arrangements are compatible with unique regulatory, cross-jurisdictional and commercial issues. We have been involved as advisers in the energy markets since market inception, and through our experience of working with funders, developers, utilities, operators and other stakeholders in the relevant industries, we can help you create corporate and financing structures that can withstand the tests of time.

Our Energy Finance Team works as an important part of the CMS energy offering and benefits from the support of our market-leading energy, regulatory and corporate specialists. Oil and gas, power, renewable energy, energy from waste and biomass, as well as trade and commodity finance, are some of the key industries in which our Energy Finance Team advises clients on a regular basis.

Clients come to us for legal advice on local and cross-border matters in a number of areas , including oil and gas facilities, renewable power project financing, conventional power project financing, asset financing, energy infrastructure financing, trade and commodity finance facilities, energy supply chain financing and energy project portfolio sales and acquisitions.

Our experience stretches across the full range of debt and equity funding transactions in the energy sector whether by way of bond financings (including standalone debt issuances or note programmes) or traditional syndicated or bilateral senior debt loan funding structures. We regularly advise on the corporate restructuring of energy companies across different jurisdictions, including advising on the restructuring of their corporate debt.

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Picture of Jenny Allan
Jenny Allan
United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Jenny Allan is a partner specialising in Banking and Finance.She has a particular focus on energy finance, including oil & gas and renewable projects.Jenny is dual-qualified in Scotland and England and...
Simpson, Paul - CMS-GBR
Paul Simpson
United Kingdom, London
Paul Simpson is a Project and Energy Finance partner based in the Finance Practice Group in London. Paul has wide-ranging experience on energy financing transactions (project financing, reserve based...
Paul Hryckowiak
Paula Hryckowiak
United Kingdom, London
Paula Hryckowiak is an advocate (qualified in Poland) and Associate in Corporate and Leverage Finance Department at CMS. Before joining London office in 2018, she worked for almost 10 years in CMS Warsaw...