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Family Offices and Ul­tra-High-Net-Worth Individuals

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The CMS Disputes Team represents ultra-high-net-worth individuals, single and multi-family offices in high stakes litigation and arbitration.  Much of our work has an international dimension and involves close collaboration with our CMS colleagues throughout the globe.  We are results driven, providing pragmatic advice that is targeted to achieving our clients’ strategic objectives.

Our experience includes:

  • A US$15m dispute over the validity of redemptions under a Cayman Islands master/feeder structure.
  • Disputes covering a broad range of asset classes from investments in real estate funds to disputes concerning yachts and aircraft.
  • Numerous multi million pound insurance claims, to include everything from real estate to blood stock.
  • HMRC investigations and enquiries, to include failed mitigation schemes and cases before the Tax Tribunal.
  • Professional negligence claims against Jersey based trustees.
  • A contentious exit from existing family office and investment management services and support in securing all necessary data for establishment of a new office.
  • A claim in relation to inappropriate investment strategies and service delivery.
  • Ultra-high-net-worth individuals on international fraud and asset recovery cases.

"CMS are very sophisticated and creative in their approach, work proactively and have an excellent litigation team."

Chambers, 2024

"The whole team is very supportive and efficient. Their collaborative approach enables members of the litigation team to perform to their best."

Chambers, 2024

"They boast an impressive team at all levels, enabling them to provide an efficient and cost-effective service tailored to a client's specific needs."

Chambers, 2024
Family Offices
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Protection from protests
Protest on the streets, protest online, even litigation used as a vehicle for protest.Protest­ors targeting a business may be standing in a crowd, holding a placard or shouting slogans. But they may also be behind a computer screen or pursuing a claim against the business through the courts. They may even be working inside the business, preparing to compromise its systems or leak confidential in­form­a­tion.Wheth­er they are activists, employees or customers, all these protestors may present a substantial challenge and a real threat to businesses, in areas including its security, reputation and bottom line.