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Private Equity and Hedge Fund Disputes

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The CMS disputes team acts for a wide variety of businesses and individuals across multiple investment structures and asset classes both domestically and internationally. 

We work with fund managers and advisors as well as investors on disputes, from fund inception and establishment, to redemption and closing. 

We also advise private equity investors and corporate vehicles and their officers across the investment lifecycle including disputes over seed capital, management of the business, operational issues, sale of the business, public listing and distribution of capital to investors.

Our contentious teams work closely with transactional colleagues in the Funds and Private Equity practices. 

Our experience includes advising:

  • A fund manager on the recovery of carried interest.
  • A general partner on a dispute over the calculation and timing of redemptions.
  • A pan-European fund on a substantial property insurance claim.
  • An overseas investor over operation of a controlling JV entity and issues arising from approval of expenditure and further investment.
  • An investor on the recovery of invested funds misappropriated from a corporate vehicle for the development of social media applications.
  • A high net worth investor on management and investment strategy failings of its advisor.
  • Fund managers on negligence claims against valuers and solicitors.
  • A property fund, defending claims made abroad by tax authorities.
  • Litigation at first instance and on appeal in the Cayman Islands concerning redemptions under a master/feeder fund structure.
  • An property fund on recovery of over £30m from a borrower relating to a substantial real estate asset in England.
  • A Jersey and Guernsey structure on the removal of an underperfoming invesment advisor.
  • A joint mandate manager of a technology fund against Part 20 claims made by the co-manager in proceedings brought by the fund against that manager. 

"The team is very experienced and very practical - we are really happy working with them."

Chambers, 2021

"A 21st century 24/7 powerhouse. Experienced team with all the skills necessary to deal with large-scale commercial litigation."

Commercial Litigation Premium, Legal 500, 2021
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