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The CMS patent attorney practice disrupts the traditional boutique approach to provide a service that meets the needs of modern business practice.  

Using proven, robust and efficient processes to manage portfolios through the patenting process, we pour care and attention into every detail, whether a portfolio’s value comes from its size or from the key nature of one or a small number of cases.

This is a people business, and we invest time in understanding the individuals we work with and their organisations.  Our clients’ patent portfolios are under constant scrutiny and clients’ need to know they are in the very best hands.  Our attorneys have long-held passions for the sectors we work in, with many having PhDs and / or industry experience in their chosen area. Always seeking to do things better, we have a culture of challenging each other and questioning how we work. This leads to constant improvements and the best solutions for each client.
Located as a part of a global law firm, we have immediate access to the broader legal perspective and an improved ability to understand and assess the risks associated with different strategies, further protecting our clients’ portfolios in the long term.

You can find out more about patent attorneys at CMS below:

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Pro­tect­ing in­nov­a­tion from start to fin­ish
Pat­ent At­tor­ney bro­chure


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18 August 2020
Pro­tect­ing in­nov­a­tion from start to fin­ish
The CMS pat­ent at­tor­ney prac­tice provides a ser­vice that sees the core val­ues of a cen­tur­ies old pro­fes­sion, work­ing for cli­ents in the mod­ern busi­ness world.
14 September 2020
An EPO Case Law Round-Up: Ad­ded Mat­ter
The EPO is well-known for its strict ap­proach to as­sess­ing amend­ments un­der the ad­ded mat­ter pro­vi­sion of Art­icle 123 of the European Pat­ent Con­ven­tion. This of­ten cre­ates com­plex leg­al scen­ari­os which...
19 June 2020
CMS Pat­ent Team are re­com­men­ded in the IAM Pat­ent 1000, 2020 dir­ect­ory
CMS Pat­ent Team are re­com­men­ded in the IAM Pat­ent 1000, 2020 dir­ect­ory. Find out more.
07 September 2020
3D print­ing and IP: Les­sons from the EPO’s ‘Shap­ing To­mor­row’ con­fer­ence
IP Land­scape Growth Ad­dit­ive Man­u­fac­tur­ing (AM), also known as 3D print­ing, is one of the fast­est grow­ing areas at the EPO. From 2015-2018, its av­er­age an­nu­al growth rate was 36%, 10 times faster than...
18 June 2020
CMS named amongst Fin­an­cial Times Europe’s lead­ing pat­ent law firms
CMS named amongst Fin­an­cial Times Europe’s lead­ing pat­ent law firms. Find out more.
27 August 2020
UK Su­preme Court up­holds UK Court's jur­is­dic­tion to settle FRAND li­cence...
The much an­ti­cip­ated de­cision from the UK Su­preme Court in the joined ap­peals Un­wired Plan­et v Hua­wei and Con­vers­ant v ZTE was handed down yes­ter­day. A case pre­view, which in­cludes a full back­ground of...
28 April 2020
EPO Fee Changes 1 April 2020
EPO Fee Changes 1 April 2020 in­form­a­tion from the CMS Pat­ent At­tor­ney team. Find out more.
13 August 2020
Sus­tain­able food pro­gress may close glob­al reg­u­lat­ory gap
In­nov­a­tion in the sus­tain­able food sec­tor is for­ging ahead at a re­mark­able pace. Our cur­rent food sources ac­count for nearly one-third of glob­al GHG emis­sions while con­sumers are in­creas­ingly bet­ter edu­cated...
2 October 2019
AI and per­son­al­ised medi­cine
Per­son­al­ised medi­cine at­tempts to de­term­ine the most ef­fect­ive treat­ment plan for a par­tic­u­lar in­di­vidu­al by com­bin­ing and ana­lys­ing in­form­a­tion from the pa­tient. The abil­ity of AI plat­forms to in­ter­rog­ate a wide range of in­form­a­tion has the po­ten­tial to
10 August 2020
OECD re­ports up­dates on Uni­fied Ap­proach
On 18 Ju­ly 2020, the OECD pub­lished fur­ther up­dates on its pro­pos­als to tackle the tax chal­lenges arising from the di­git­al eco­nomy, build­ing on its pre­vi­ous an­nounce­ments in Oc­to­ber 2019 and Janu­ary 2020....
24 September 2019
AI in dia­gnos­is – pat­ent pro­tec­tion
In this art­icle, we take a closer look at pat­ent pro­tec­tion in Europe for de­vel­op­ments of AI in dia­gnost­ic ap­plic­a­tions. There is enorm­ous po­ten­tial for the use of AI in dia­gnos­is and this is re­flec­ted in the in­creas­ing num­ber of reg­u­lat­ory ap­provals bein
22 July 2020
Around 1600 view­ers re­gister for live video stream of com­puter soft­ware...
The En­larged Board of the European Pat­ent Of­fice re­cently heard or­al ar­gu­ments con­cern­ing pat­entab­il­ity of a com­puter soft­ware in­ven­tion. This rare event was video streamed to over 1600 pat­ent stake­hold­ers....