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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Legal Services Unit (LSU) lawyers

Value for money and securing first class legal advice, delivered to you in the most efficient and cost effective way, is a top priority for organisations.

Our Legal Services Unit (LSU) provides access to a range of alternative sourcing options, from our strong in-house paralegal team, to the extensive CMS network, to working with our legal process outsourcing partner Integreon (or your choice of LPO). Able to meet large scale and multiple language requirements, we have the right flexible legal resource to help you.

Using CMS’ LSU means you can benefit from measurable cost savings, full scalability of support and a track record of delivering.

Ideal for helping you deliver the more routine, volume or process-led elements of projects and transactions more efficiently, the LSU provides a team of skilled paralegals and other solutions for the tasks that don’t always need to be done by a senior lawyer.

The LSU has substantial experience in all of our sectors and practice areas. Backed up by extensive templates, guidance and systems we can design a cost-effective and smart legal solution for you. Our team works seamlessly with our lawyers, providing the right mix of people, process and technology.

Based in our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices, our LSU works on both domestic and international matters. Being based in our offices means we ensure collaborative working with our lawyers and the work remains closely supervised - ensuring quality, efficiency and peace of mind from a top 10 international law firm.

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Fiona Letham
Fiona Letham
Director, Legal Services Unit
United Kingdom, Glasgow
Fiona Letham is the Head of the Legal Services Unit (LSU), our alternative resourcing team currently numbering nearly 70 paralegals, including our growing team of legal technologists.Fiona has over 20...
Craske, John
John Craske
Head of Innovation & Legal Operations
United Kingdom, Edinburgh
John is responsible for CMS’ legal service design & delivery strategy (think people, process and technology), with the aim of helping clients and our business work smarter. John also leads the consultancy...