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Making every start-up a success story

The average age of founders in Austria is 30.8 years. It only takes them two years to create an average of nine jobs. 23% sell their products and services in Austria, 44% throughout Europe and 33% even supply a global market. These are some impressive key figures on the Austrian founders’ scene*.

But what we find even more interesting are the innovative business ideas behind these start-ups and the question what kind of support you need to turn your start-up into a successful business in the long run.

And why should you make us your business partner to handle your legal questions?

CMS is not only a leading law firm in both Austria and throughout the world, we have also worked with start-ups for many years. We can advise you in all practice fields and industries and thanks to our international team also in virtually all jurisdictions. We help you kick off your project, and then support you throughout your career as an entrepreneur – and we do so with great passion for supporting your start-up.

Having represented start-ups for many years, we are aware of the limited financial means during the foundation phase and offer flexible remuneration models. Get to know us and find out on these pages how we can contribute to your success story.

* European Start-up Monitor of the WU Entrepreneurship Center

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