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Corporate Crime, Compliance and Forensics

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In an enforcement environment that is constantly evolving, our team assists clients with all aspects of corporate crime, compliance and forensics. This includes:

  •  developing controls to prevent wrongdoing occurring in your business 
  • understanding and navigating the legal issues and risks when allegations or concerns arise 
  • conducting legally defensible and (where available) legally privileged investigations, while recognising the wider risks and obligations created by the issue at hand.

Supported by a global team of over 400 expert lawyers, our UK team regularly advises corporates and individuals across multiple jurisdictions on financial crime and all other areas of criminal and regulatory risk (be it competition, cyber, environmental, health and safety or otherwise). 

Whether you want a strategy to avoid regulatory investigations, or a way to minimise the impact of unforeseen corporate crime or regulatory failure, we will provide you with clear and pragmatic advice tailored to your needs.

We understand how stressful and time-critical these matters are, with individuals facing the prospect of losing their livelihoods or even their liberty. To support our clients, our CMS Evidence collection, review and disclosure technology provides fast access to critical data; and our 24/7 Emergency Response hotline ensures we are available whenever you need us during a crisis. 

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CMS Ex­pert Guide to COV­ID-19 cor­por­ate crime & reg­u­lat­ory is­sues
The COV­ID-19 lock­down will not last forever. Op­er­at­ing both dur­ing and bey­ond the lock­down could throw up nov­el and un­ex­pec­ted cor­por­ate crime and li­ab­il­ity risks for busi­nesses. Re­sum­ing or in­creas­ing busi­ness op­er­a­tions as re­stric­tions ease will en


Pro­tec­tion from protest
Protest on the streets, protest on­line, even lit­ig­a­tion used as a vehicle for protest.Protest­ors tar­get­ing a busi­ness may be stand­ing in a crowd, hold­ing a plac­ard or shout­ing slo­gans. But they may also be be­hind a com­puter screen or pur­su­ing a claim against the busi­ness through the courts. They may even be work­ing in­side the busi­ness, pre­par­ing to com­prom­ise its sys­tems or leak con­fid­en­tial in­form­a­tion.Wheth­er they are act­iv­ists, em­ploy­ees or cus­tom­ers, all these protest­ors may present a sub­stan­tial chal­lenge and a real threat to busi­nesses, in areas in­clud­ing its se­cur­ity, repu­ta­tion and bot­tom line. 
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In­ter­na­tion­al law firm CMS is pleased to an­nounce the ap­point­ment of bar­ris­ter Kitty St Au­byn, formerly of 3 Ray­mond Build­ings, as a Seni­or As­so­ci­ate. Kitty joins the firm’s Cor­por­ate Crime prac­tice...
Priv­ilege: What you need to know
The last couple of years have seen some im­port­ant de­vel­op­ments in Eng­lish case law in the area of leg­al pro­fes­sion­al priv­ilege, from the Court of Ap­peal over­turn­ing a re­strict­ive in­ter­pret­a­tion of lit­ig­a­tion...
CMS wel­comes Eoin O’Shea as Head of White Col­lar Crime
In­ter­na­tion­al law firm CMS is pleased to an­nounce the forth­com­ing ap­point­ment of Eoin O’Shea as Head of White Col­lar Crime in the firm’s Cor­por­ate Crime prac­tice, which he will lead along­side part­ner...
Cov­id-19 busi­ness crim­in­al law and oth­er is­sues in the UK
1. Could your busi­ness face crim­in­al (or ad­min­is­trat­ive) li­ab­il­ity for ex­pos­ure or risk of ex­pos­ure to COV­ID-19 to (1) staff or (2) busi­ness part­ners and the pub­lic, un­der ex­ist­ing laws or new meas­ures...
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