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Clever moves

Relocating talent safely, smartly, and seamlessly

As an international business, you need your best people to be mobile. That can require assigning executives and employees to different territories – often at short notice.

CMS Expat Desk – part of the largest employment and tax teams in Europe – provides complete and co-ordinated advice and support on tax, pensions, social security, pay and employment law for expatriate employees.

Global support – from one point

Our expatriate specialists are networked across 43 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America to give you multi-jurisdictional support – all serviced from a single point of contact.

From the start to termination of an assignment, we can help ensure the optimal legal, tax and remuneration arrangements for both for the employee and for your business.

With our support, you are free to deploy your people wherever they need to be – swiftly and seamlessly.

Our team can:

  • Draw up employee contracts covering all legal aspects of an assignment in any given jurisdiction
  • Keep you up to speed on the tax and social security regimes in each territory – and help relocated staff navigate any potential pitfalls in the system.
  • Advise on optimising the benefits of an employee’s expatriate status – e.g. in terms of tax, remuneration and pension arrangements
  • Help your business manage multi-jurisdictional payroll and tax obligations
  • Advise on sponsoring pension schemes in multiple countries, international transfer of benefits and enabling employees to continue scheme participation.

Watch the videos for information about regimes in different countries. For more details about offers in individual jurisdictions and legal assistance feel free to reach out to your usual CMS contact or send an email to employment@cmslegal.com.

Clever moves | Relocating talent safely, smartly, and seamlessly

Clever moves | Russia

Are you considering expansion in or relocating to Russia? Our Expat Desk specialists can help you with all legal and tax-related issues related to employing expatriates in or transferring specialists to Russia. Do you know how the “Highly Qualified Specialist” regime designed to attract expats to Russia works? Learn more about it from Ekaterina Elekchyan and Christophe Huet.

Clever moves - Ukraine

What regulations will you need to consider when relocating your executive or an employee to Ukraine? What is does the Ukrainian employment law says? What tax regulations do you need to take into account? CMS Expat Desk can provide you with integrated advice covering all angles. Olga Belyakova and Nataliya Nakonechna will tell you more about it in the video!

Clever moves - Serbia

Be everywhere your business needs to be! And if your business takes you to Serbia, a European country outside the EU, you can rely on Dragana Bajic and our CMS Belgrade employment and tax team to make the relocation as safe and as smooth as possible. Watch the video for more information.

Clever moves - Spain

We can help keep your talent on the move! Listen to Marta Burgos Murillo and María José Ramos describe the ways CMS can assist companies relocating talent to and from Spain, or on how foreign companies can hire Spanish employees to provide services on a remote basis from Spain.

Clever moves - United Kingdom

When you can take your talent anywhere, you can realise potential everywhere! Sarah McMaster explains how CMS Expat Desk in the UK can help companies handle staff relocations and ensure that they are not opening themselves up to unknown risks when permitting their employees to work overseas or when engaging expats.

Clever moves - Germany

Does immigration law need to be considered when working in Germany? How about German employment law? What if the stay is only temporary? Are there some minimum standards that must still be observed? How about social insurance in Germany? How complicated are the taxes that apply to expats? Our experts Julia Tänzler-Motzek and Christopher Jordan from CMS Germany will tell you more about it.

Clever moves - Romania

Are you considering expansion in or relocating to Romania? Do you envisage making an acquisition in Romania? Are you planning to hire employees in Romania? Or are you seconding your employees to Romania? Our lawyers and tax experts are specialized in both domestic and international aspects of tax law and employment law. CMS Expat Desk can provide you with integrated advice covering all angles: employment, taxation, and social security. Roxana Popel and Ruxandra Georgescu will tell you more about it in the video.

Clever moves - Portugal

Portugal’s great quality of life and low cost of living have attracted over 900,000 expats already. Many of these expatriates — just like Portugal’s immigrants and native-born workers — are skilled professionals. If your office has plans to hire a specialist living in Portugal or wants to relocate employees there as swiftly and effortlessly as possible, contact our experts with the CMS Expat Desk for help and advice. In the following video, experts Susana Afonso and Patrick Dewerbe explain how CMS can assist you in this process.

Clever moves - Netherlands

Are you planning to hire employees in the Netherlands? Or are you seconding your employees to the Netherlands? And do you have questions about the Dutch tax law and employment law? Our Expat Desk members at CMS Netherlands can assist businesses in relocating their most valuable assets – executives and employees – safely, smartly and seamlessly. Our experts Puck Wilmink and Stef van Heugten will tell you more about it!

Clever moves - Austria

Austria is famous for being an expat heaven and Vienna is one of the best cities to live in, in the world. If you are a multi-national enterprise and need to relocate your most valuable assets: your executives and employees, to or out of Austria, the CMS Expat Desk helps keep your talent on the move in a safe, smart and seamless way. Daniela Krömer will tell you more about the holistic approach taken by the team embedded in the Employment and Tax departments at CMS in handling expat matters.

Clever moves - France

A partner with CMS and a member of our Expat Desk, Dimitar Hadjiveltchev, speaks about the way we can assist companies relocating their talents from and to France and how such relocations are made safely, smartly, and seamlessly. The video tells about the advantages for talents moving to France especially in the area of taxes and how our immigration team, together with Tax and Employment departments can be of help.

Key contacts

Caroline Froger-Michon
T +33 1 47 38 43 03
Dr. Christopher Jordan
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht (Certified lawyer for labor and employment law) | Co-Head of the CMS Employment & Pensions Group
T +49 221 7716 354

Global Mobility Advisory Team

The CMS Expat Desk members – each belonging to the CMS Employment & Pensions Group or the CMS Tax Group – are networked from their bases across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America to offer you multi-jurisdictional support.

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