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Global Mobility Advisory Team

CMS Expat Desk for Employment and Tax Advice

December 2020

The CMS Expat Desk members – each belonging to the CMS Employment & Pensions Group or the CMS Tax Group – are networked from their bases across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America to offer you multi-jurisdictional support.

Living in a highly globalised world allows employers to mobilise and hire talented people from all over the world. Global issues such as Brexit, sanctions imposed on certain countries, political and economic consequences of COVID-19, changes and tax haven policies in some jurisdictions are all factors that employers take into consideration when contemplating moving their headquarters and offices and possibly taking their valued employees with them. Our specialists from the CMS Expat Desk assist companies to manage the employment, tax, visa, social security, administrative and strategic aspects of changing the location of their business as well as to deploy the ever-growing international workforce.

To find your local CMS Expat Desk contact and learn about our experience, check out the group’s contact card. It also includes some great fun facts regarding expat regulations!

Global Mobility Advisory Team - Expat Desk Contact Card


Portrait of Ayşegül Avci
Ayşegül Avci
Portrait of Niels Koene
Niels Koene