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Privilege: What you need to know

10 September 2020

The last couple of years have seen some important developments in English case law in the area of legal professional privilege, from the Court of Appeal overturning a restrictive interpretation of litigation privilege in SFO v ENRC, to the introduction of the “dominant purpose” concept into the test for legal advice privilege in Jet2. 

Privilege is an important, and complex, issue that arises in contexts ranging from investigations and expert reports, to multi-party litigation and settlement negotiations, as well as day-to-day communications between lawyers and their clients.  

In this updated note – “Privilege: What you need to know” –  our lawyers examine all the significant and recent cases and provide an overview of the current law of privilege, together with practical guidance on when privilege can be relied upon and protected to avoid disclosure of sensitive information to third parties.

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Privilege - what you need to know - CMS
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