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CMS Banking Masterclass (Seminar in English)

Wien, Österreich

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17. Mai 2017, 08:00 - 10:00 UTC +00:00

Continuing in its training for bankers in Central and Eastern Europe, CMS will be offering a series of four breakfast seminars in Vienna covering issues relating to the structuring and documenting of finance transactions on the Austrian as well as CEE wide markets.

The CMS Banking Masterclasses are tailored for junior to mid-level bankers (but could also be available for senior bankers, if requested) that frequently deal with real estate and leveraged finance, larger syndicated loans, complex restructurings and other transactions that may involve LMA-style documentation. Each seminar aims to give, in a concise and practical manner, our know-how on the common issues that arise in the current market practice in such transactions. 
Participation is free of charge and we would be delighted if you could join us for all four CMS Banking Masterclass seminars. However, if you are unable to attend all, please let us know which of the seminars you will be able to attend.

By attending you will:

  • Acquire the latest market knowledge and respective legal terminology from some of the highly experienced legal experts, actively involved in the local and international banking market;
  • Increase your credibility with clients by understanding the underlying legal issues of the loan product; and
  • Add value to your banking team during negotiations with borrowers.

Wednesday 3 May 2017 Structuring finance transactions

We will address key drivers in structuring a non-recourse finance transaction, including guarantee and security availability, financial assistance and capital maintenance issues, Austrian stamp duty considerations.

Wednesday 10 May 2017 Documenting structured finance transactions – commitment documentation, long form documents

We will discuss the key points in the commitment package documentation (commitment letter, term sheet, syndication letter) and the long form documentation which are then prepared to reflect agreed terms (we will look at facility agreements and intercreditor agreements).

Wednesday 17 May 2017 The Facility Agreement – selected key issues

We will discuss key market developments in facility agreements, including sanction provisions, ability to incur additional indebtedness, structural adjustments.

Wednesday 24 May 2017 Real estate finance

We will discuss key issues in real estate finance transactions. We will consider structures, LTV and DSCR calculations, typical real estate representations and covenants as well as security aspects, including cost aspects in Austria.


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