CMS Expert Guide to Gambling laws in Europe

The gambling industry is constantly in a state of change. Check out this Expert Guide to see the gambling legal landscape and who to contact for any gambling regulatory concerns.

Although this resource may provide information concerning potential legal issues, it is not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified legal professional. This resource is not created nor designed to address the unique facts or circumstances that may arise in any specific instance. You should not rely on this content as a source of legal advice.

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CMS Expert Guide to gambling laws in CEE
The gambling sector is constantly evolving across CEE, inducing regulatory changes that help shape and redesign the industry. CMS is delighted to introduce the second edition of the comprehensive expert guide, The CEE Guide to Gambling Laws, to explo
Experts in Gambling Law
The gambling industry is constantly in a state of change. While regulatory liberalisation is creating new opportunities in some jurisdictions, tightening legislation is closing down avenues in others...