Online gambling law and regulation in Ukraine

Is online gambling permitted?Yes1
Licence available for…BettingYes
Card GamesYes
LotteryNo (monopoly)
Footnotes and Notes
  1. Permitted under separate licence for online casinos, online poker or the general betting licence (one used for land-based and online activity). Online lotteries are permitted under a state monopoly.

NB: Only under licences issued by the local gambling regulator – the Commission on Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (yet to be established).

NB: Advertisement of gambling restricted:

  • on radio and TV, including via cable, satellite, IP-TV, online TV, mobile TV, digital terrestrial TV and other means of signal transmission in the period from 6am to 11pm;
  • in publications (except for specialised publications for gambling);
  • in all printed media (except for specialised publications for gambling);
  • on the outer and inner surfaces of vehicles and the subway;
  • by means of outdoor advertising;
  • on goods (including clothing) intended primarily for persons under 21 years;
  • in places of theatre events, concerts, and other events for persons under 21 years.
Olga Belyakova