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Beyond Boundaries

London, Verenigd Koninkrijk

21 september 2018, 09:30 - 15:00 UTC +01:00

Now marking its 4th year, CMS's International Technology, Media and Communications conference gathers more than 150 delegates, representing the spectrum of technology, media and communications players, plus their financiers and investors.

“Beyond Boundaries” is the conference theme this year.

No longer can businesses be categorised strictly as technology, media or communications players. At this in-depth conference, leading industry players will share how they are working across boundaries and the influence this has on deals, the regulatory environment and potential disputes.

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Themes we will explore include:

Consolidation – winners and losers

With a spate of mega-mergers closing or on the cards, what does this mean for the media industry, who are the likely winners and losers, and how can local players compete? 

  • Janice Hughes CBE, Co-Founder and Director, Redshift Strategy
  • Joe Mayes, Media & Telecoms Reporter, Bloomberg News
  • Victoria Gaskell, Global Co-Head of Media, CMS London

Is regulation the key to protecting digital consumers?

Consumers are increasingly demanding control over their digital footprint and this poses challenges for businesses and regulators alike. How do we foster an environment which is fit for future generations taking account of the pace of innovation, increasing amounts of data, and consumer rights?

  • Dóra Petrányi, Managing Director, Central Eastern Europe, CMS Hungary

Keynote – virtual reality

  • John Cassy, CEO, Factory 42

Partner or buy if you can’t DIY

Organic growth and innovation are increasingly hard to come by. Large companies are progressively acquiring or collaborating with more nimble and younger startups. However, acquiring another business or partnering up is a serious commitment -  integration can be a challenge, payback time frames can be long and success is far from guaranteed. What is the recipe for success and what role do VC funds, incubators and innovation consultants play in this ecosystem?

  • Harry Keen, CEO and Co-founder, Hazy
  • Stacey Seltzer, Partner, Prehype
  • Anela Musat, Partner, CMS London


  • Ahmed Choudar, President and Managing Director, Groupe Algerie Telecom

The race to connectivity

The demands for bandwidth are incredibly high and only going to increase thanks to the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and a hunger for streamed content, among other things. How and why are companies improving connectivity? What are the most important enablers?

  • Olga Belyakova, Partner, CMS Ukraine


Portret vanKatja Kranenburg - Hanspians
Katja van Kranenburg-Hanspians
Portret vanOlga Belyakova
Olga Belyakova
Portret vanVictoria Gaskell
Victoria Gaskell
Portret vanClive Gringras
Clive Gringras
Anela Musat
Portret vanDóra Petrányi
Dóra Petrányi
Portret van
John Cassy
CEO of Factory 42
Ahmed Choudar
Chairman and Managing Director of Groupe Algérie Télécom
Portret van
Tim Davie
CEO of BBC Studios
Portret van
Harry Keen
CEO and Co-founder of Hazy
Portret van
Janice Hughes
CBE, Co-Founder and Director of Redshift Strategy
Stacey Seltzer
Partner at Prehype
Portret van
Shadi Mahassel
Co-Founder and CEO of SURFnCODE
Portret van
Joe Mayes
Media & Telecoms Reporter, Bloomberg News
Portret van
James Walker
CEO & Founder of Resolver Group
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