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CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to Pu­blic Pro­cure­ment
29 Okt. 19
Quan­tum mer­uit claims af­ter ter­mi­na­ti­on: a chan­ging of the ti­de?
A de­ci­si­on of the Hight Court of Au­stra­lia ear­lier this week has held that res­ti­tu­ti­o­na­ry claims on a quan­tum mer­uit (i. e. rea­so­na­ble pri­ce) ba­sis by con­trac­tors af­ter the ter­mi­na­ti­on of a con­struc­ti­on con­tract can on­ly be brought in li­mi­ted cir­cum­stan­ces and.
Mo­bi­li­ty as a Ser­vi­ce: een in­tro­duc­tie
30 Okt. 19
Sha­ring is (S)ca­ring
An­nu­al Tech­no­lo­gy, Me­dia and Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons Con­fe­ren­ce
La­test po­si­ti­on on EU taxo­no­my re­gu­la­ti­on re sustai­na­ble fi­nan­ce
On 24 Sep­tem­ber 2019, the EU Coun­cil pu­blis­hed this 'I' Item No­te gi­ving its ma­jo­ri­ty ap­pro­val to pro­ceed with the next sta­ge in the le­gis­la­ti­ve jour­ney of the “Taxo­no­my Re­gu­la­ti­on”, being in­vi­ting ne­go­ti­a­ti­ons with the Eu­ro­pean Par­li­a­ment.
October 2019
CMS Eu­ro­pean Re­al Es­ta­te Deal Point Stu­dy 2019
06 Nov. 19
CMS Re­ne­wa­bles We­bi­nar: Whe­re next for Se­conda­ry Mar­ket...
Use of Dis­pu­te Boards: one of FI­DIC's fi­ve Gol­den Prin­ci­ples
FI­DIC has re­cent­ly pu­blis­hed de­tai­led guid­an­ce as to the fi­ve “Gol­den Prin­ci­ples” first in­clu­ded with the FI­DIC 2017 sui­te of con­tracts. The­se prin­ci­ples seek to iden­ti­fy li­mits to the ty­pes of amend­ments that can be ma­de to a FI­DIC standard form con­tract if.
7 oktober 2019
CMS ver­ste­vigt po­si­tie in Afri­ka met kan­to­ren in Zuid-Afri­ka...
07 Nov. 19
CMS Con­su­mer Pro­ducts Con­fe­ren­ce 2019
Ti­me to up­da­te your coo­kie con­sent and po­li­cy! CJEU says pre-tick­ed...
On 1 Oc­to­ber, the Court of Jus­ti­ce of the EU (“CJEU”) ren­de­red its ju­dg­ment (Ca­se C‑673/17) in a ca­se con­cerning coo­kie-ba­sed transpa­ren­cy and con­sent. This ru­ling will sig­ni­fi­cantly im­pact the ac­ti­vi­ties of EU web ser­vi­ce pro­vi­ders and the pro­cess of ac­cep­ting.