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Michiel van Dijk
Ju­ris­pru­den­tie Sport en Recht
06 Jun. 19
Lunch­bij­een­komst 'Be­lan­gen­ver­stren­ge­ling bij aan­be­ste­din­gen'
Op 25 mei 2019 is de Al­ge­me­ne Ver­or­de­ning Ge­ge­vens­be­scher­ming (#AVG)...
Tac­kling sin­gle-use plas­tics: the ad­vent of ma­ny legal me­a­su­res which...
Yes­ter­day’s an­noun­ce­ment that sub­ject to cer­tain ex­cep­ti­ons plas­tic straws, plas­tic stem­med cot­ton buds and plas­tic be­ve­r­a­ge stir­rers in En­g­land will be pro­hi­bi­ted from sup­ply as of April 2020 has gai­ned much me­dia at­ten­ti­on in the UK.
Katja van Kranenburg - Hanspians
Di­gi­ta­le trans­for­ma­tie Ne­der­land in ge­vaar door on­vol­doen­de...
De di­gi­ta­le trans­for­ma­tie van Ne­der­land loopt ge­vaar om­dat werk­ge­vers...
11 Jun. 19
Ca­pi­ta Se­lec­ta Ven­noot­schaps­recht
The Ver­dict Risk & In­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons
We are plea­sed to send our new is­sue of The Ver­dict, an at-a-glan­ce round-up of re­cent legal de­vel­op­ments in re­la­ti­on to cor­po­ra­te cri­me. In this is­sue, the spot­light is on so­me sig­ni­fi­cant chan­ges to an­ti-cor­rup­ti­on laws in Chi­le, in­clu­ding the ex­ten­si­on.
Een jaar AVG: wha­t's next?
17 Jun. 19
Ac­tu­a­li­tei­ten Bur­ger­lijk Pro­ces­recht
The new EU fra­me­work for scree­ning fo­reign in­vest­ment is now in for­ce
On 10 April 2019, the EU fra­me­work for scree­ning fo­reign di­rect in­vest­ment (FDI) ca­me in­to for­ce, al­lo­wing the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­si­on and Mem­ber Sta­tes un­til 11 Oc­to­ber 2020 to put in pla­ce me­cha­nis­ms and re­sour­ces to com­ply.