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Pieter van Duijvenvoorde
CMS ad­vi­seert Vir­to bij koop Oer­le­mans Foods Group
13 Nov. 18
Re­cruit­ment­di­ner Ve­vo­nos
Trans­fers of cross-bor­der re­gis­tered of­fi­ces: how the mar­ket de­vel­o­ped...
The ge­ne­sis In 2003, the draft 14th Di­rec­ti­ve on cross-bor­der trans­fers of re­gis­tered of­fi­ces was ini­ti­a­ted by the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­si­on. It was sub­se­quent­ly aban­do­ned in 2007, par­ti­cu­lar­ly due to the re­sis­tan­ce from cer­tain Mem­ber Sta­tes which we­re op­po­sed to.
Oskar van de Weijer
Sep 2018
In­su­ran­ce In­sights
15 Nov. 18
STEP In­hou­se­dag
Ger­ma­ny in­tro­du­ces a con­su­mer mass ac­ti­on: The Mo­del De­cla­ra­to­ry Ac­ti­on...
In the wa­ke of the in­tro­duc­ti­on of mo­del de­cla­ra­to­ry ac­ti­on in Ger­ma­ny, both bu­si­ness pe­o­p­le and con­su­mers are strug­gling with its me­a­ning. Mass claim, col­lec­ti­ve claim, and class ac­ti­on are of­ten as­so­ci­a­ted with and men­ti­o­ned in the sa­me bre­ath as class ac­ti­on.
Bri­git­ta Ja­kic ver­ko­zen tot Meest Ta­lent­vol­le Pro­ce­sad­vo­caat
15 Nov. 18
Cross-bor­der re­struc­tu­ring – na­ti­o­nal and re­gi­o­nal...
Em­ploy­ment we­binars
Tac­kling plas­tic – new me­a­su­res for the food and drink in­du­stry
In the au­tumn 2018 Bud­get, the UK govern­ment an­noun­ced that it will in­tro­du­ce a tax on plas­tic pack­a­ging pro­du­ced in, or im­por­ted in­to, the UK, which con­tains less than 30% re­cy­cled con­tent (sub­ject to con­sulta­ti­on).