Em­ploy­ment Chal­lenge

Glob­al and grow­ing prac­tice

June 2018

Doing business across Europe, Asia and Latin America is complex and can be confusing. Laws, languages and cultures mean that local jurisdictions vary widely. And in the case of employment legislation, issues are particularly sensitive. Labour directives, court decisions, national laws, local cases and precedent are just a few of the often confusing issues to consider. One source of integrated expertise offers many benefits.

The CMS Employment Group was created to meet a growing demand for integrated, multi-jurisdictional legal services. Whether your business is setting up a new operation in Europe, Asia and Latin America, already employing staff somewhere on the continents or facing a cross-border reorganisation or redundancy programme, you can rely on the expert advice from this specialist international team of labour law experts.

Employment challenge - Global and growing practice
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Christopher Jordan
Dr. Christopher Jordan
Caroline Froger-Michon