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Dr. Robert Budde
Dezember 2018
Up­date Com­mer­ci­al 12/2018
17 Dez 18
Brex­it Up­date – Deal or no Deal?
Wel­che Aus­wir­kun­gen hat der Brex­it auf Ihr Un­ter­neh­men?
FCJ ru­les that for­eign dis­tri­bu­tors may be lia­ble for their dis­tri­bu­tor’s...
On 16 May 2017, the Bun­des­ge­richts­hof (the Ger­man Fe­deral Court of Jus­ti­ce, “FCJ”), Ger­ma­ny’s hig­hest ci­vil court, held that a for­eign pro­duct dis­tri­bu­tor may be lia­ble for its dis­tri­bu­tor’s ex­port of pa­tent in­frin­ging pro­ducts.
John Hammond, M.A. (Oxon)
Ab­stim­mung über das Brex­it-Ab­kom­men ver­scho­ben – was...
19 Dez 18
4. Geld­wä­sche-Ex­per­ten-Bre­ak­fast
Ger­man In­ves­tor Re­qui­re­ments for Re­al As­set Funds
The se­cond of our on-go­ing se­ries of fund ma­na­ger round­ta­bles loo­ked at va­rious ways in which fund ma­na­gers can ac­com­mo­da­te the par­ti­cu­lar quirks of Ger­man in­sti­tu­tio­nal in­ves­tors. We ha­ve pi­cked out high­lights be­low.
CMS be­rät AFI­NUM bei Be­tei­li­gung an LED-Ta­schen- und...
10 Jan 19
HIV drug re­cei­ves pro­vi­sio­nal com­pul­so­ry pa­tent li­cen­se
On 11 Ju­ly 2017, the Bun­des­ge­richts­hof (Ger­man Fe­deral Court of Jus­ti­ce, “FCJ”), Ger­ma­ny’s hig­hest ci­vil court, upheld the de­ci­si­on of the Bun­des­pa­tent­ge­richt (Fe­deral Pa­tent Court, “FPC”) gran­ting a pro­vi­sio­nal com­pul­so­ry pa­tent li­cen­se for an HIV drug by.